"I am making a art print.  We draw on foam. I was first. The print was beautiful. I rub with my knuckles." ...by Jaylen Printmaking by First Grade Students
April 2007
"I drew a sketch. I copied it on foam. It was hard. I rolled ink using a brayer on  foam." ...by Jacob P.

<--"I am at art printmaking. I drew a picture on the foam. It was a house. It was dark. It was ezze." ...by James E.

<--"This is James. He is showing his picture. His picture is a house. He is in the art room. He has an art coat on." ...by Sophie


"I love printing my picture. I print on a printing press. I can do it my self." by Ashton -->


"Ashton is stamping her picture. She drew on foam before she stamped it. Ashton is a girl. Ashton is a nice girl. Ashton is a pretty girl. Her hair is pretty." ...by Emilee -->

"I am making a print. I am a girl. I am pritty. I have earrings. I am wearing a necklace." by Carlee (above)


"Carlee is a girl that is nice to others. She is a girl who is making a print. She is nice. She helps others." ...by Hobi (above)

<-- "In this picture I am rubbing my paper with my knuckles. I'm smiling for the picture because I think we need a printing press. My print was about a monster truck. My truck is driving on top of the rocks. I like rolling the ink best. I want to do more." ...by Roberto

"Roberto is making his beautiful foam picture and it is a truck. He is proud of himself. Roberto is a nice boy. You rub it with your knuckles. I like it." ... by Madison (above)


"I love to paint pictures. I draw hard." ...by Jacob

<--"Erica is smiling for a picture. She is happy. She is holding her paper. Erica is happy." ...by Sydnee


<-- Printmaking
"There is no boy in it. It has nice eyes, good looks, good picture. It is pretty." ...by Erica

Caleb is scratching a nice paper. He can do a good job. I can do a good job.". ...by Katelynn-->


"Printmaking is draw and copy a picture on foam. Hard to roll. It is sticky."
...by Caleb-->

"I drew a sketch on a piece of paper. I drew a house." ...by Julie

"Take a roller and take some ink and listen for the sticky sound. Take your paper and put it on the foam. Then you rub your knuckles on the back of paper. Then you pull it and do it again." ...by Ndio

"I drew a sketch. I put it on the sketch. I put the sketch on paper. I rubbed the sketch on the paper. I took the sketch off." ...by Julia

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"I drew a sketch. I copied a sketch on foam. It was hard . I rolled ink using brayer on to foam. I was sticky. I stamped it onto paper. I warmed up the back with my hands/knuckles. I pulled the print off.  I wrote the name title number. I cleaned up." ...by Elizabeth