All About

Erica has two horses.
She has a swimming pool.
Erica likes snowmobiling.
She loves many colors.

All About
Jaylen loves to ride her bike.
She likes to watch Baby Looney Tunes.
Her favorite letter is Jj.
Her birthday is May 25th.


All About
Julie likes to dig with her dogs.
She likes the letter Jj.
Her favorite number is 6.
Julie's birthday is April 26th.


All About

Julia loves to watch Carebears.
She likes to play in her pool.
Julia likes to play outside.
Julia has two dogs named
Diesel and Duke.


All About

Elizabeth loves Winter.

She likes That's So Raven.
Her favorite movie is Princess Diaries 2.
She likes to ride her horse named Rosie.
All About
His favorite fish is pike.
James likes watching Sponge Bob Squarepants.
He likes The Lord Of The Rings.
James's favorite letter is Jj.


All About

Nicholas likes the color blue.

Nicholas's favorite number is 18.
He likes his dog.
He loves the fair.
All About
Katelynn likes the color pink.
She likes to play basketball.
Katelynn likes to go swimming.
Her favorite number is 6.


All About
Hobi loves cats. 
She likes Wilde Coyote.
Her favorite letter is Ll.
She likes the number 6.


All About


Ashton likes the letter Ee.
Her favorite animal is a cat.
She likes to watch Scooby Doo.
Her favorite color is pink.
All About

Ian likes to go to the fair.

He likes his dog.
Ian's birthday is on May 12th.
His favorite letter is Jj.
All About

Emilee likes the number 14.
She likes to go swimming.
Emilee doesn’t like hunting.
Her favorite color is pink.

All About

Jacob likes the number 9000.
He likes to catch walleyes.
His birthday is March 27th.
He likes the color orange.

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Sydnee’s birthday is May 25th.
She likes dogs.
Sydnee’s favorite movie is
Cheetah Girls 2.
Her favorite state is Michigan.

All About

Caleb likes Spongebob.
Caleb’s favorite number is 9000.
His birthday is on October 19th.
He likes the color black.


All About

Madison likes the color pink.
Her favorite number is 21.
She likes to go swimming at the beach.
Madison likes dogs.

All About

Ndio likes to go hunting.
He likes to fish.
His favorite color is red.
Ndio’s sister Angela is 22 years old.

All About

Carlee’s hobby is swimming.
She watches Little Mermaid.
She works at school.
Her favorite season is Winter.

All About

Roberto draws at home.
He likes Michigan.
His favorite thing to do at school is play cars at lunch recess.
Roberto’s favorite holiday is Halloween.


All About

Sophie’s favorite holiday is Christmas.
Her favorite color is pink.
She likes the letter Ee.
Sophie draws at home.

All About

Kevin’s favorite move is jump-fist.
He likes the zoo.
His favorite animal is a kitten.
His favorite color is red.

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