Second Grade Students Write about
Beauty and the Beast

Our school went to Brethren High School to watch Beauty and the Beast. Bell was my favorite. The Beast was too loud. Bell was always mad at Geston. The play was awesome! ...Toni

We went to see a play. My friends were in it. Their names were Kassie and MaKayla. They were very good. The play was good. The Beauty and the Beast  was funny. .. McKayla

Our school went to Beauty and the Beast. The Beauty was Bell. Some of my friends were in it. It was a great show. ...Bobby

MaKayla and Kassie  were in the play. They were forks and townspeople. They were beautiful. Beauty and the Beast was beautiful and the act was great. Beauty's real name is Bell. ...Megan

Our class went to a play. It was at Brethren High School. Some of our friends were in the play. MaKayla was in the play. It was a very good act! It was called Beauty and the Beast. Kassie was in the play. Beauty's real name is Bell. The play was cool to watch. ...Kyleigh

Our class went to see Beauty and the Beast. It was Cool. The Beast was cool. It was funny! ...Jacob

Our class went to a play. The girl Bell almost made me fall asleep. My friend Makalay was in the play. Kassie was in the play too. I thought it was pretty good. I liked it when the boy didn't catch the bird. I liked it when they sang. The beast was scary when he roared. I liked everyone in the play. ...Cambria

Some people in Beauty and the Beast are in my class. Their names are MaKayla and Kassie. They were forks in the play. Beauty and the Beast was a cool play! ...Michele

I liked the Beauty and the Beast because my cousin was in it. My friend Makayla was in the play also. I liked the characters who were in the play. The play was funny. I liked it a lot. ...Xana

Onekama School went to see a play called Beauty and the Beast. It was so much fun. The Beauty's name is called Bell. I think Bell is a cool name. The play was awesome! ...Kassidy

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