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Kindergarten: Time to learn to walk in line

Seniors: Time to check out all the life opportunities

This is where we stop and wait

Mrs. Scheppelmann will explain about RTC

Mr. McKenney helps Austin with his schedule

Mr. McKenney has a new office. He's in the old High School Office

Miss Zadow

Mrs. Burks

Mrs. Brown's Class

Mrs. Warman

Mrs. Bennett's Class

Cheerful Fourth Graders

Mrs. Catanese's Class is ready to learn

Mrs. Lyman

Mr. Mauntler Explains it all

Mrs. Coryell

Mr. Lamm: Industrial Arts

Sixth Graders

Mr. Story and the Sixth Graders

Mrs. Ramsey

Art Class with Ms. Woolman

High School Art

That's Mrs. Graham with her prize musicians

...and her other prize musicians

Mrs. Bromley and her third graders are very busy

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