Onekama Field Day
May 2007

Yesterday the kids from Young 5's all the way to 5th grade had Field Day up at the track. Field Day is a fun day for the kids who had good behavior all year long, even if you had a few RTC's you could still go. My favorite was the egg toss. My partner was Kaitlin, the first time we almost won, but then the egg cracked. After everyone dropped their egg we got to try again. My mom face painted at field day too. She had a really big line. Field Day was really fun. I am happy I got to go.
Sami, grade 5

Yesterday we went to Field Day. My cousin visited on the right day because he went to field day with us. The whol elementary was there. We went to 9 of the 11 stations. My favorite was the water toss. Me and Jon, my best friend, dumped a bucked to water on Mrs. Brown.  ...Andrew, grade 4

We did the egg toss once and then we did it again. Me and Emily kept an egg going for a long time. We were the winners.
...Natasha, grade 4

Yesterday we went to field day. We did an egg toss with real eggs. We did the luggage race and a relay around the track. The tug of war was the best because we won both times. My favorite station was the egg toss. At the end Mrs. Brown was squirted with water and when she wasn't looking I dumped a bucket of water on her. I had a great time.
...Jon, grade 4
Yesterday we had field day. I had a lot of fun! One of my favorite things was the egg toss. Mrs. Brown had a water gun and she soaked us. Near the end of the whole day Jon and Andrew took two buckets of water and poured them on Mrs. brown and she was soaked. At the end we had a game of tug of war and we won both times.
Kaitlin, grade 5
On Wednesday, May 30th, the elementary went to Field Day. We got sprayed with water a bunch of times. My favorite stop was the egg toss, snowcone, and Tug-a-war. In the Tug-a-war we beat the other fourth grade which is Mrs. Bennett's class and the other fifth grade witch is Mr. Neph's class. Now we get ice cream for beating both of them.
Julie, grade 4
On May 30th we had Field Day. My favorite event was tug-a-war. We won against Mrs. Bennett's and Mr. Neph's classes. This field day was our last field day because next year we will be in Middle School. This was the funnest field day ever!
Logan F. grade 5
On Field Day we had an egg toss that was fun. And we ate good food from the Lion's Club wagon. The teachers were squirting us with squirt guns. We won both tug of war contests. That was the best!
Levi, grade 5
Field Day was very fun. We got soaked with water and even eggs. John and I were the champions of the first egg toss and almost the second. It was awesome even tho I am a visitor to this school.
Jordan C.

Field Day was fun. We were playing games all afternoon. Thank you for giving us field day. Thank you for giving us food. We got so wet! This is our last Field Day.
Cameron, grade 5

We went to 11 different stations at Field Day. One was the egg toss. I really liked that Mrs. Brown sprayed us with water. After our stations we had a snack from the Lions Club. I had a hot dog, orange soda and popcorn. I had my face painted with a teddy bear and a bow on it. I can't wait until next year. ...Jacinda, grade 4
At 12:00 we went to the track for Field Day. My mom was there. We got squirted by a squirt gun. We got to dress up. We had a hula hoop game. At the end we played tug a war. My class won so I like tug a war the best. ...Devin C.
At Field Day we had a lot of fun and got soaked by Mrs. Brown. Once we threw the water in the bucket on Mrs. Brown. There were 11 stations. We went to 9 of them. My favorite part was the egg toss and tug of war when we beat the other 5th grade and the other 4th grade.
Field Day was a lot of fun. Mrs. Brown squirted us with spray things. I had a lot of fun. ...Caitlin Z.

My favorite was egg toss because I caught the egg and it went on my face. It was so funny that it was fun. ...Payton


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