Folk and Partner Dance Show

Producer/ Director - Gretchen Eichberger-Kudlack

  • Kindergarten ... Clogging/ Interpretive Dance. Horndance, Song of the Lakes

  • Kindergarten & First Grade ... Twist
     Blue Suede Shoes

Clogging originated from the Appalachian Mountains. It was brought to America by the Irish, Scottish, English and Dutch Germans who settled there in mid 1700's. In clogging your heel keeps the down beat and you switch your heels back and forth. ..Lauren, Ashlie, and Ashley, Middle school American Folk Dancing and Folk Music Students

Dance Program
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  • Dance Leaders: Jami Mattison, Jaylee Brown, Lindsay Nesburg, Ashley DeRooy, Ashlie Mackenzie, Lauren Pokorzynski
  • Announcers: Shane Duffy and Paul Cunningham
  • DJ: Christopher Bradford
  • Ushers: Adrian Norman, Tyler Fogarty, Michael Stamper

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The Twist originated in 1958 in Georgia by a band leader who wanted his band members to move while they played. It became really popular when Chubby Checker recorded his hit song, "The Twist". ...Christopher, Middle school American Folk Dancing and Folk Music Student

February 2, 2007