Onekama's Fifth Grade Safety Patrol is Sworn In

November 1, 2005

Hi, I'm Safety Patrol. When there is a bus coming the crosswalk put their hands out. The top position is where you yell "Bus". My favorite position is top or crosswalk, sometimes outside door. The outside door is when you open the door for kids. ...Johnny
The job of a safety patroller is to make sure that everyone gets in the building safely. My favorite position is crosswalk. I am a safety patroller and this is what I do. ...Curtis
This year I'm in Safety Patrol. I am on mornings and afternoons. You get fifteen minutes every time you're on duty. When you have fifty hours you get a badge signed by the president. My favorite position in the morning is inside door. When you're inside door you have to hold the door for every one. My favorite position in the afternoon is front. When you're front you have to make sure kids don't run in front of the busses. At the end of the year we get to go to Michigan Adventures. ...Elizabeth This year I have been doing safety patrol. I'm in afternoon safety patrol. It's very fun. We still have to go out rain or shine. There are a lot of people in afternoon. There are very few in morning. In afternoon you usually go in every two weeks. At the end of the year we got to Michigan Adventure. ...Annie
When I'm on duty for a week the positions I would pick would be crosswalk, top or front. I like these positions because people walk through. I like keeping people safe. ...Becky
When I am on duty my favorite position is Leaps and Bounds. I like it because the lady who works there used to baby sit me. When you are on that position you have to make sure that all the kids are there and going to Leaps and Bounds. ...Joe
At the end of the year 4th graders get trained for safety patrol. They have to take over for a day when the fifth graders go to Michigan Adventures. This year I am in fifth grade and I'm in safety patrol. Tuesday, November 2005 the fifth graders got swore in. Now everybody knows what a big job we have to do. I joined safety patrol because I want to be able to help the smaller children learn to be safe. If you get so many RTC's then you will be pulled off safety patrol. Also if your grads are low or you are messing around on duty you can be pulled off. This year I am ready to help the little kids stay safe. ... Moriah When I am on Safety Patrol my favorite position so far is Leaps and Bounds. You just have to stand by the pencil. Then when everybody is there you walk them down to the room. On Safety Patrol you protect the younger kids from danger. ...Kaylan


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