Onekama's Fifth Grade Safety Patrol
Visited Michigan Adventure

May 30, 2006

On May 30th all of the 5th grade Safety Patrol went to Michigan's Adventure. I partnered with Emily , Kelly, Brice and Brittany. Our Chaparole was Brenday (Bryce's Mom) We went on Cork Screw, Wolverine, Wildcat and a lot more. Most of us went on things twice. We also went to the water park. Our group went in the wave pool and it was awesome! ...Kaylan

The Safety Patrollers get to go on an end of the year trip as a reward. When we got to Michigan Adventure we found it was very cool and a lot of fun. ...Moriah

The first ride I went on was called Cork Screw. I went on it two times. I didn't want to go on Shivering Timbers. I did go on everything it the water park. It was an awesome day. ...Joe

Yesterday we went to Michigan's Adventure. I went with Becky, Becky's mom, Emily C.B. and Moriah. I didn't eat anything all day. We had great weather. My favorite ride was shivering Timbers. ...Elizabeth

I had a great time. I can't wait to go again with my family! ...Curtis

Our Safety Patrollers went to Michigan Adventure. When we first got there Mrs. Milarch gave us our tickets. Then we went in and got lockers. Then we just started riding rides. Near the end I got a tatoo but it was just junk. I went on the funnel of fear with Parker and Cindi Sternberger. I had a great day at Michigan Adventure. ...Johnny

Michigan Adventure was so cool. When we got there it was sprinkling a little bit but it cleared up in about ten minutes. After my group (Moriah, Elizabeth, Emily CB, My Mom and I) got our lockers we went on roller coasters, Shivering Timbers and Wild Cat. It was awesome except Emily didn't like Shivering Timbers very much because she said that ride was a devil. At the water park they had a water slide and a wave pool. Later when it was almost time to go home my mom and I went to buy something to drink. Just then the power in the whole park went out. Luckily we stopped at McDonalds on the way home. I'm glad I was a Safety Patroller. ...Becky

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