Fifth Grade Hurricane Relief Effort Collects $71

This week our class held a bottle drive. We collected bottles and cans from home and from other classrooms. We will return them to the store. Then we will send the money to the American Red Cross. They will give it to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort. ...Emily C. B.

I loved collecting bottles. I feel that we all should help the hurricane victims because they lost their homes and memories. A lot of people lost their pets. Animal adoption places are full and trying to give animals away. I feel sorry. ...Jena

It was fun to collect bottles and take them to our classroom. We had to sort and bag them. I think we will get a lot of money. All the money is going to the Red Cross. I think we did this for a really good purpose. I would like to do it again for a longer time. ...Kelly K.

We collected glass bottles, cans, and plastic bottles. We are going to organize them . We will put glass together, plastic bottles together, and can together. We are going to take then and turn them in for the people of Hurricane Katrina. ...Chris

Mr. Neph's fifth grade had a bottle drive. We had to collect bottles and cans. We had a lot of bottles. After lunch we sorted bottles and cans. Then we put them in bags and took them to Franz's. The money will go to the Red Cross. ...Josh J.

Our school is doing a good deed for the victims of hurricane Katrina. ...Brandon B.

My dad, Luke, Josh, Brock and Tim from the Parkdate Texaco Express Lube donated three garbage bags full of cans. I think it is good to help the Hurricane Katrina victims. I feel bad for all the people who died, lost their family, and are hurt. I'm glad there is something we can do to help those poor people. ...Jessa

The money we raise wil go to the Red Cross. I hope the people can rebuild. I want to do another bottle drive or arrange a hat day. ...Emily

Our school has been collecting bottles for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our school is giving the money to the Red Cross. We also have hat days. We are giving that money to the Red Cross too. ...Derek

Everybody was pitching in. There were a lot of bottles, but we needed a lot of bottles. I hope we get a lot to send to the victims of hurricane Katrina. The more money, the better to help other people. ...Michael

We gave the money to the Red Cross to help the people from hurricane Katrina. We did this to help others. ...Miranda

Bottle Drive
September 14-16, 2005

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Fifth Grade Bottle Drive for Hurricane Relief

The fifth grade Social Studies class will be having a bottle drive this week to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  All Onekama elementary students and staff are encouraged to donate refundable bottles to assist in this effort.

The bottle drive will begin on Wednesday, September 14 at Onekama Elementary School.  The students will finish collecting on Friday, September 16 at 3:30 pm.  Refundable bottles can be dropped at Room 434 in the Elementary School.  We ask that all returnable items be cleaned before they are brought into the school. 

As part of the students learning about Social Studies, this project will assist the students in taking action to help citizens in need.  We would like to emphasize that this event was generated from the fifth grade students.  Please help the victims of the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States and assist our students in this learning experience.

Thank you,
Mr. John Neph & Mrs. Kathy Zajac
Fifth Grade Social Studies Teachers

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