Fifth Grade DARE Graduation

March 2006

I thought the DARE Graduation was cool. We got to see the sheriff. Also a PowerPoint with pictures of us. We got shirts and a graduation paper. Two boys and two girls got to go to Big Al's by having the best essay. ...Quinn

I learned that drugs have a lot of chemicals in them. You can die from drugs like smoking and tobacco chew. Drugs are bad for the person who is doing drugs. ...Hunter

On March 21 we had our DARE Graduation. Mr. Kowalkowski the Sheriff was there. He gave us all a speech. Officer Torrey showed us his PowerPoint. It was really funny. At the end we got our certificates. ...Kelly

In DARE I learned that alcohol is a drug. I also learned that marijuana can affect our heart, lungs and brain. The bad thing about cigarettes is that they can hurt or kill you. Thank you for teaching us about drugs. ...Bryce

At the DARE Graduation I read an essay that I wrote about the DARE program. There were four people that had the best essays. After some people read their essays, we watched a slide show that Deputy Torrey made. After that Mr. Neph handed out our DARE certificates. Then we ate cake and drank punch. ...Becky
The DARE Graduation was a lot of fun. Deputy Torry told our parents and family a little more about what we have been doing. Then the sheriff talked for a little bit. When he was done we watched a slide show. The winners of the essay where Jessa, Emily B, Curtis, and Daniel. We ate cake. It was fun. ...Moriah
At the DARE Graduation Emily, Jessa, Daniel, and Curtis won the summary contest. A few people read their summarys. Officer Torey made a slide show of us. Everyone got a certificate from DARE. After the graduation was over we had cake and punch. ...Joe
The DARE Graduation was fun. My dad took a lot of pictures. Emily C.B. and Jessa G. won the girls essay. Curtis M. and Daniel M. won the boys essay. A lot of us read ours anyway. I did. Sierra won the most friendly peer award. Deputy Torrey showed a slidesho of us. A lot was of us in Quiz Bowl. I'll miss the DARE class. ...Annie
Yesterday we had DARE Graduation. Officer Torry talked about what we did to our parents. I read my essay in front of my parents. The sherriff also talked to the parents about what we did. Officer Torry gave us a diploma and showed a slide show. I was in about 6 pictures. I was in it for DARE clas and the DARE Bowl-a-thon. At the end I ate cake with my friends. ...Brandon B.
Last night at the DARE Graduation it was a fun thing to do. We got cake and saw a slide show. We got certificates. ...Josh

I learned that smoking can cause cancer. Smoking can put tar in your veins. Drinking beer can hurt you. I learned a lot in DARE. ...Chris

The DARE Graduation was so much fun. I read my essay, and I was very nervous. When we came in Mrs. Hagen did an introduction. Then officer Torrey told about our year in Dare. After that we watched an awesome slide show, had cake, and then everybody left. ...Brittany

In DARE I learned about marijuana, alcohol and tobacco. I learned how to get out of risky situations such as run away, cold shoulder and using humor. I learned Marijuana, tobacco and alcohol can kill you. ... Miranda


March 2006

Yesterday we had DARE Graduation. Deputy Torey did a competition for the best DARE essay. Emily, Curtis, Jessa and Danial won. A lot of people read their DARE essays. I didn't. DARE is really fun and it teaches you not to use drugs. ...Elizabeth
The DARE Graduation was really fun. The sherif, Mr. Kowalkowski, was there and he talked to us for a while. Then he let Officer Torrey talk. He gave out prizes for the essays. Two boys and two girls won for essays. Sierra won a metal for most encouragement. The end was the best when we got to see a slide show of us. There were pictures of us at the DARE Bowl a thon and playing sports and anywhere else. It was so much fun. It was awesome. ...Sarah
Last night we had DARE Graduation. First we met in the room. Then we went down to the cafeteria. We came in and sat down and Deputy Tory said a speech. Next his boss said a speech. After that we watched a slide show about us in school. After that we were awarded certificates. We got to have cake and punch. ...Emalee
Tuesday March 21st was our DARE Graduation. We had fun. Officer Torrey gave out awards. I won best essay. My mom and dad were there. They were so happy I won. Officer Torrey will take me and Emily to Big Al's. Officer Torrey is the best DARE teacher! ...Jessa

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March 2006