Onekama Elementary Holds Safety Day

The fire truck was cool. I learned a lot. The person that told us about the fire truck was great.   I had fun today.  I like being safe. …Nick

Grades 4 and 5


Today we had Safety Day I land a lot of cool learnd about the fire truck. They pond the door don. I was glad Safety Day was today because I had fun. I like Safety Day because it was today. It was fun to see the fire truck. …Cameron

Today was Safety Day.  My favorite was the State police. He showed us the gun is uses. He took Justin’s fingerprint.  Like CSI he said. He had a lot of stuff. He started up his car and told Jordan to stay in front. He started to do moves.  Safety day was fun. I learned a lot. …Brittany    

On May 24, 06 Onekama elementary kids had safety day instead of having safety week. The fourth graders had a nutritionist come in and tall us about nutrition facts. One thing I learned is that Jell-O is made of cow. The part of cow it is made of is the jell that forms around a cooked cow. The nutritionist said that all the foods are very good, the only thing that she could not find good nutrition in is bacon. Safety day is very fun! …Sierra
We had Safety Day at our school.  The activity I am choosing to write about is nutrition. First there was a lady that came in and she started telling us what was good for us and what wasn’t. Well I found out that no food is not good for you. Like you may think doritoes are not good for you but they are just grain shaped like chips and they have cheese on top. I also learned that you should not have more then 2 grams of fat a day. I’m really glad we had safety day because I learned a lot. …Brittany T.
Today we did a thing called safety. One of the things we went to is a police officer. He talked about what they do when they are on dotty. I would not wont to get in troubol by a cop. I liked the cop the most. …Torrey

Today we had Safety Day. My favorite part of the day was when a lady came in and told us to watch are health, she told us where Jell-O come from. It comes from cow butt. I love safety day! …John

The policeman's name was Deputy Fitch. He talked about safety on a bike, skateboard and rollerskates. The most important thing to pretect is your head. If you went on a bike ride you have to have reflectors and both hands on the steering. We learned a lot of cool stuff. ...Logan F

My favorite part was the cop. He had a finger print kit. On the hood of his car he had lots of equipment. He had a stun gun. I learned that he had to use pepper spray on himself before he could use in on anyone else. ...Joe

My favorite part was when we talked about nutrition. We made comments about different types of food we are served. We talked about we should add different food to the school lunches. I think the school should have more fruit. I like learning about healthy food so I can eat right. ...Elizabeth

I learned fish from the great lakes we should only eat once a month. We thought we should have more fruit and vegetables at the school lunch. And new kins of soup. ...Austin

Today a few people came to school to talk about safety. The three I liked the most were Bullying, Nutrition, and the State Police. It was really a good learning day. ...Curtis

I liked when the police turned on all the sirens and lights. He also showed us all the radios and cameras in his car. It was a lot of fun to learn about all the things in a police car. ...Moriah

The safety thing we did was fun and important. We got to learn about police cars and firetrucks and how they work. It was nice of all these people to come down to school and talk to us about important stuff. It was fun. ...Cady

Today our class learned about safety. We learned about fire trucks, coast guard, police, and bullying. It was really cool and it took almost 2 hours and 40 minutes. ...Jordan

The first stop was the lifeguard volunteers. They told us to wear life jackets and not make hoax calls on boat radios. Mr. McKenney talked about bullying and how e should not do that. Then a dietition told us what to eat and not to eat. She  said, "there isn't a food that;'s bad" She said just don't eat it every day. ...Nisha

Today we had Safety Day at our school. I am going to type about E.M.S. E.M.S is a truck that is used for fires and medical uses. There were lots of small compartments on the sides. In those compartments there was lots of stuff for health and some stuff to save people from drowning. There was a lot of stuff on that small truck.  …Alex B

Volunteers came to Onekama Elementary to talk to 5th through Kindergarten about safety. Two volunteers came from the coast guard, two from the fire department, two from the police and Mr. McKenny who came from our own school. ...Sam B

Today was Safety Day. An officer talked about bike safety. I was his helper. He talked about how the helmet should fit. Safety Day was cool. …Faith M

I liked the State Police best because of the guns and my uncle is a state police man. We learned about different jobs and the dangers of the jobs. It was a fun day and we learned more about how to be safe. ...Haley

Today was Safety Day. We listened to people on how to be safe. My favorite was the nutrition. She talked to us on what foods are good for us. Did you know that all foods are good for you in some why?  Safety Day was a lot of fun! …Lauren

Today is safety day. We looked at a lot of cool stuff. I liked the state police car the most. I want to be a police officer when I grow up. I liked his tazer the most. I like safety day. ..Josh

Today was Safety Day. I am doing state police for my favorite part of safety day. I like the state police because I like the equipment they use. I like the car they use too. I’m glad they have safety day. …Dan K.

Today is safety day. We learned a lot of stuff today. We learned about nutrition. Nutrition is about what foods you can eat. Did you know canalope is the best food you could ever eat? Safety day was fun! …Natasha

Today is safety day. The coast guard came to school today. They showed us some of the things they use in the rescue. They told us some of the things they do. One of the things they do is over in Iraq. Safety day was a fun day.  …Brandon B.

We had Safety Day today and  I am going to write about the State Police.  We learnd  about how they can see the people  that they try to get. They told us how they see how much they drac and the sped limit to. They also told us about the camera they have in the car. you can see the things that are in the front of the car.  I liked  Saftey Day. …Megan

Today we had Safety Day. Today I learned about Coast Guard Auxillary. The Coast Guard goes out and helps people that need it. You always need to wear a life vest, because if your boat sinks and you don’t have a life vest on you will dround. If you were a lifeguard and it would be hard work to get prepared to help people if they are drounding. Safety Day has been a very fun day!!! …Lexi

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