Getting to Know You
It's Open House at Onekama School and Sylvia gets to introduce Daddy to Miss Schultz. Sylvia also shows him all the exciting things in her new classroom. Isn't kindergarten wonderful?
Middle School Students are pleased to show their parents (and little brothers and sisters) their new computers. Mrs. Ramsey does a great job with computers. She even puts their class assignments on line. Isn't life wonderful when Mom and Dad can see your assignments with a click of a button?
Faith shows her grandmother the pictures of her classmates. Have you ever seen a better looking class? Mrs. Catanese sure does a great job with a camera!

Mr. Kudlack with three former students

Look at what I made

Mom gets to try Mrs. N's special chair

Showing little sisters a CLEAN desk

Jackie's family enjoyed their visit

New students

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Onekama Elementary