Working Together at the Food Pantry in February:

Elementary Students, Middle School Students,
High School Students, & Adults

Today Sami-K, Mikelle, Levi, David, Justin and I went to the Food Pantry. We put all sorts of Stuff in bags. We put candy, buns, eggs, and also put a lot of other thins in bags too. All of us had to put boxes in a special place. We all did a good job. We were really good and we worked hard. (continued below)
Sami K, Kelly and I didn't want to leave. They said we were a really big help. We also had to put Slim Jims in a box, but they wouldn't all fit so we had to ask for a bigger box to fit them all in. We also had to put French fries in bags. Kelly was my partner. We all had fun. ...Lexie, grade 4

Today I went to Food Pantry and we all did a lot of work. At first we went to put our coats away. Next we started bagging. The first thing that Lexi, Mikelle, Justin and I bagged were gummy bears. Then we bagged mini apple pies. Next we did short cake. It looked really yummy. We also bagged French fries, candy and eggs. The ladies that helped us were really nice. They gave us gloves so our hands wouldn't get yucky. Levi and David unloaded the truck. When Mr. Miceny came to pick us up we didn't want to go. I like the the food pantry! ...Sami K, grade 4

Today I went to the Food Pantry. What I did was that I helped other people sort food. What I helped with was the cookies, crackers and cereal. I helped with opening boxes. I helped with stacking food packages. I helped bringing in boxes of food for the food pantry. And that's what I did at the food pantry. ...David, grade 4


High School NHS students helped too!

Today we went to the Food Pantry. I know w all had a lot of fun. Levi was bringing in boxes. David was stacking boxed food. While they were doing that we were bagging gumballs, mini apple pies, French fries, short cake, roll, and then candy. Justin left us. Then we started to bag egg things like if you get an egg mcmuffin at a fast food place they are the egg on the muffin you get. So we had to leave even though we didn't want to leave. So we left and got in the suburban and went back to school. ...Mikelle, grade 4

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