It's the first day of school!  

The new second graders gather around Mr. Mauntler to hear that Miss Nelson is Missing. We hope they find her!

Let's take a look around the school and see what else is happening.

Mrs. Cantanese is working on foot measuring.
Is that like fingerprinting?

More second grade feet

We didn't find Miss Nelson at the front of the building, but we did find Mr. Neph practicing for fire safety. Twenty-two fifth graders quietly marched out of the building and took their assigned place for attendance.

Safety First!

Our secretary, Mrs. Bergren, is ready to help. She even knows the number for Viola Swamp!

Mr. Hughes is all set for the new year. He was happy to see all the new and smiling faces.

Mr. McKenney is our counselor. If anyone needs help, he can give it.

Mrs. Bennett is getting to know her fourth grade students.
They look like a bright group.

Check your mail box for an important announcement

Each student is writing about to tell Mrs. Bromley what they are like. (Well they were before I interrupted with the camera.)

Familiar faces at the lockers

Mrs. Eichberger wants her students to stay healthy. That's why they wash their hands with soap before snack time.

Greg is especially eager to have his
picture taken.

Mrs. Niederstadt teaches her children a poem to help them remember how to walk in the hall. Soon 15 students will walk along perfectly.

Mr.. Thorr picks up students for Physical Education. Hey! Is that Bunny Ears?

Mrs. Brown checks book numbers. More smiles please...

The smiley kids are in the hall I guess.

Mrs. Veryser explains the playground rules to her Young Fives.
Rule 1: no rock throwing.

Mr. Sandy is our superintendent. It's his job to see thing run smoothly.

Mrs. Milarch checks in the playground equipment. Much of our equipment is earned from the Campbell label program.

On the playground, Mr. Kudlack meets friends old and new.

That's Mrs. Van waving. She is getting ready for the slide.

Girls posing by the butterfly bush



Please send in your Campbell Soup Labels and General Mills "Box Tops for Education".

The elementary is able to earn supplies for the playground. We appreciate your help.

The Children's Garden is in full bloom. We will have to send this photo to Miss Bishop. She is Mrs. Benson now and teaching fifth grade in Berlin, Germany.

Thanks you, Onekama Elementary staff and students, for sharing your first day with me. It brought back memories of my nearly 50 "first days", beginning way back in 1947 when I started kindergarten.

Have a great year!

...and I do hope you find Miss Nelson for Mr. Mauntler's class.

...Mrs. Eldridge

Onekama Elementary 2005-2006

Each Onekama Elementary Teacher has a web page. To check on Miss Schultz and her students go to her main page . As the year progresses you will find pictures of the students at work as well as parent letter.

September 6, 2005