Buddy Reading Beach Party

On May 26 we went to the Buddy Reading Beach Party. Moriah, Annie, Kaylan and I found a bird's nest with baby chicks. We just sat at a table and talked for a bit. Then I played lightning. I almost beat Mrs. Bennett! ...Elizabeth, grade 5

Our class walked down to the Onekama Beach by Portage Lake. I played basketball most of the time. ...Logan F, grade 4

I had a bone painted on my face. I built a lot of rivers and islands. I played basketball and ate. I had fun. ...Duwane, grade 3

At the Beach Party I ate some lunch and then I played at the play set. Then I dug lakes and islands. I dug holes to find water. I built a sand castle out of sand. I went to collect rocks and shells. Last I played basketball and soccer. It was fun. ...Gerald E., grade 3

Megan and I played some basketball. Then we made rivers and islands. Taylor and Alexis and I took buckets and filled the river in the water. The last thing I did was get my face painted. On the way back to school we saw a duck. ...Kayla, grade 3

Buddy Reading Beach Party was a blast. I got a bit of a tan. Anyway there were a lot of kids that went. It started out hot then it got colder. Mrs. Tiefenthal brought a metal detector. We found money. It was cool. ...Cady, grade 4

We video taped stuff with SaDee. We also dug a hole with fresh water. We played on the slide. I got a heart and a sword painted on my face. SaDee got a cat face. Basically, we had fun. ...Anna, grade 3

At the beach Nick and I dug a really big hole. Nick had a cool shovel. We had a lot of sticks around the hole. ...Jordan, grade 4

At the Buddy Reading Beach Party I had a lot of fun. I shot some hoops and I played football. We were there from 11:00 until 3:00. ...Joe E., grade 5

Some people went to Fun Stuff. You had to be with a parent to go across the street. I got a Sugar battle thing and some other stuff. I had a great time at Beach Party Day. ...Johnny, grade 5

This was the last year for the fifth graders to go to the Budding Reading Party. I had a good time every year I went. I hope the little kids have many more Beach Party years. ...Moriah, grade 5

At the Beach Party I helped Mrs. Tiefenthal paint little kids faces. I mostly did butterflies and flowers. It was fun but also hard. ...Haley, grade 4

Half of my class got their face painted. I played basketball. Some people played football. Not me. I played tag with Jacinda and Cheyenne. ...Natasha, grade 3

WE built one castle and destroyed it. Then me Duwane, Gerald, Jarett and some other people dug a big hole and made little rivers and dug a medium hole and put water in it. ...Devin, grade 3

I hung out with my sister, Meghan, and her friend Brittany. We at lunch together. I played frisbee and laid on beach towels. ...Kari, grade 3

Every year the Onekama Elementary goes to the beach to celebrate Buddy Reading. We can walk there and back because the beach is right in town. ...Austin O, grade 5

We celebrated the end of Budding Reading at the beach. I climbed all the way to the top of the swing set pole. I swung to the other pole and came down. I read some books too. My book is Dragon Rider. I also saw Mr. K.'s baby, Gwen. ...Kayla F, grade 3

I played football. I played catch. We all dug in the water and went down the slide and built sand castles. I made rivers and islands. ...Payton, grade 3

All the elementary went to the beach party. We built sand castles. I would like to go back again next year. ...Danielle, grade 3

At the Buddy Reading Party Anna, SaDee and I dug for fresh water. We found snails, big and little shells. We threw the snails out in the water. I got a basketball painted on my face. I'd go back there anytime. ...Caitlin Z. grade 3

I ate some lunch and Payton spilled juice on my shirt so I did it back at him. Hailey was laughing when I got juice in my hair. When I got home I said to my dad, can I take a shower? ...Tawny, grade 3

Jordan, Payton, Tawny and I played football. I was on Jordan's team. We built sandcastles and played soccer and laid in the sun. Me and Jordan raced on the grass. ...Hailey, grade 3

The first thing I did was help John dig a HUGE hole. Our hole was the biggest hole there I think. After that we filled the hole in and went to help other people dig. After that we played tag. ...Sam B. ...grade 4

When we got to the park I grabbed a spot on the beach and laid my towel out. Cady put hers right next to mine so we had a kind of a blanket. Then I put on sun block and on top of that I put tanning oil. So we sat and tanned for a long time. By the way we were wearing our bathing suits. ...Nisha, grade 4

I got my face painted, I played on the dinosaurs I went to dig to find water. Then we ate lunch and went back to school. ...Bernice, grade 3

When I got there I played tag with my friend Devin. Then me and Devin ate lunch. Then we played basketball and went on the slides. ...Jarett, grade 3

When we got there we all ran to the sand. We played for a bit then we ate lunch. Then Bernice and I walked around looking for smooth and sparkly rocks. I went home with my dad. ...Julie, grade 3

The whole elementary Kindergarten through Fifth had Reading Buddies Beach Party. We walked to the park and had fun . I would come back any time. I really enjoyed it! ...Taylor, grade 3

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