High School Science Students Teach Us About Microscopes

We went to Mr. Story's class. We got to use the microscopes. I did it with a tenth grader named Lance. We microscoped hair, blood, pictures and sand. When you pick up the microscope you have to hold it by the arm and back. The thing you look through is called the eyepiece. ...Curtis

We went to Mr. Story's room. I had a partner with me. We got to use a microscope. I looked at Human blood. ...Chris

Today when I went to the high schoolers class to look at stuff it looked cool and weird and strange. It is freaky and strange to see things through one of those things. ...Shamika

When I went to do microscopes I was partnered with Ronnie and Lindsay and Nick Schmoke. It was lots of fun. We saw in the microscope lots of cool things like dog hair and ox hair and bird blood and stuff like that. I want to do it again, that's how good it was. I wish we got to spend more time in Mr. Story's room. You can learn so many thing. I'm going to thank my partners for making my day good. ...Jaylee

I learned that a microscope can be more useful than I thought. We looked at a shark's scale. We also looked at a fly's wing. My partners were Evan and Mike. We also saw human blood. It was not red. It looked purple. We also looked at frog's blood. The coolest part was when we got to see rabbit's hair. ...Bryce
First I learned to hold the microscope. You have to hold it by a thing called an arm. I got to see a seastar sponge. There is a thing called a slide and a slide clip. A slide is kind of like a base. ...Jena I got to work with Tom and Lanse. It was fun. We looked a a locus wing, a butterfly wing, Horse blood, and Human blood. They showed me how to hold the microscope. It was awesome. ...Dylan W.
I saw a piece of hair. I saw sand and salt. I learned how to put it away. I cleaned the dust off. ...Austin O.

Derek and I worked with Tayler in Mr. Story's Science class. We learned how to use a microscope. It was fun. We looked at pond water, salt, and hair. The part our hand was on was th arm of it. We looked in the eye piece. The eye pice is what you look in. Some of the parts are an eye piece, a shoulder, a stage and a base. The slides we put in the microscope had cool stuff on them. ...Jacob B.

What I learned about microscopes is that you can put water and other stuff on a slide. Tayler put a five dollar bill on the stage and we saw Michigan and Abe Lincoln. ...Derek H.

When we went to Mr. Story's room with Branden he was the best. He taught Austin O. and I where the eye piece was and what the ovjetuzes were. We saw some sand up close. ...Parker

We went to Mr. Story's class. My partner's name was Zack. The parts of the microscope are the arm, eye piece, pace, stage, and stage clips. The favorite thing that I looked at was the organs. We got to see our hair. ...Austin G.

We went to Mr. Story's class and looked through the microscope at our hair. Austin and I looked at snake blood. Our partner was Zack. Zack ripped a part of a magazine and let us looke at it. It was very cool how he did that. ...Jacob M. The slide has like camel hair in it, and the microscope helps you see it better. You can pick up the microscope by putting one hand on the arm and one hand on the base. We did this in Mr. Story's room. ...Rebecca
I enjoyed going to th science area. It was fun. I looked at sand, and salt, and pencil writing, and paper towel. After I quickly looked at some dead animals. It was cool. I hope to do this again sometime. I also know all the parts of the microscope: stage, stage clips, eye piece, arm, base, course adjuster, fine adjuster , and objectives. It was sweet. ...Sean

It was cool because we saw blood. And then we looked at rabbit hair and human blood. We saw cat fur. ....Hunter

Today we went to Mr. Story's class. We split up the class. Kelly, Amy and I were with Joleen. It was fun with Joleen because we got to carry the microscope. I also learned the bottom is the base. The thing that you look in is called the eye piece. ...Emily B.

We went to Mr. Story's class. Emily, Amy and I were partners with Joleen Joleen showed us how to use a microscope and how to hold one. Joleen showed us a dog hair and a buterfuly scal. She also showed us her hair and our hair. She also told us all the parts of the microscope. They are eye piece, arm stagy, stag clips, base and light. ...Kelly K.

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