D.A.R.E Report

I have learned that drugs can not help you in any way. They will still hurt you even if you take 1 beer or cigarette. Even if you think drugs are cool and can’t hurt you , they can hurt you and are not cool. Drugs advertise every where and you still don’t need them.

I’ve learned that drugs are no laughing matter. I don’t like drugs at all. They’ve hurt many people already. I don’t want to get in trouble by using them. Maybe even going to jail. I could do something really bad and even kill someone and go to prison.

I know a lot about drugs and what they can do to you. Never drink and drive that will cause an accident. Don’t start drinking in the first place. Don’t even say yes if your are getting offered a cigarette. Just say no and walk away, or you could say no thank you and say drugs can hurt me.



I learned a lot of important and useful information in D.A.R.E. This will help me so I will stay drug free and avoid violence. To stay drug free and violence there are four thing I can do. Number one: avoiding the situation, If you know or think a place has drugs stay as far away as you can. Number two: Strength in numbers, Hang around nonusers. Three: walking away, If someone ask you if you want some drugs, walk away while saying no. Four: cold shoulder, If you don’t want to say no just ignore that person. This helps you stay out of Risky Situations. There are also four thing that I can do to get out of Risky Situations. They are, Saying no, Giving a reason or fact, Changing the subject, Repeated refusal, or keep saying no.


D.A.R.E. Graduation

March 2005


We have a special program for our class called D.A.R.E. We get to do a lot of fun things. We learned about drugs and what they can do.

I learned that smoking, marijuana, alcohol, and all drugs can give you lung disease, cancer, black lungs, or even kill you. I also learned to never take drugs and say no to people offering them to me. There are five types of ways people try to offer them to you there called peer pressure. Friendly, teasing, heavy, indirect, and positive. About 11% of kids in middle school smoke. Those are some of the things I learned in D.A.R.E.

I had a lot of fun in D.A.R.E. we learned a lot of things. I also promise to my dog Mazie that I will never ever do drugs as long as I live. Promise that. This is all that I’ve been doing in D.A.R.E. I hope next year that we have D.A.R.E. because it is really run to do and I learned a lot of thing drugs and other types of alcohol that can be very harmful to the people around you and you. I am also happy because my dad is trying to stop smoking now and that’s good.


Hello, my name is Mariah. I am a D.A.R.E. student. I have learned that there is a lot that I can do to stay drug free. Now I know how important it is to stay drug free. I have learned about Peer Pressure and many other things.

I have learned many things, about saying "NO". I have learned that there are many things that can affect your brain and body. I have also learned that there are a lot of different kinds of drugs. I must stay drug free and to this I must know what to avoid. It is important to know these things because it may affect me in the future.

I have learned a lot this year. I have learned what drugs to avoid. I have learned that beer and other drugs affect many parts of the body. I have learned so much this year.

I will be and stay drug free. I will make wise decisions. I will live a drug free life.

D.A.R.E. Report

I have learned that D.A.R.E. means Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate. I have learned the harmful affects of drugs. I also learned what to do if someone asks you to take a drug, drink, or smoke. These are some things I learned about in D.A.R.E.

We have learned lots of stuff. It’s important this is stuff we should know about in real life. Like tobacco can give us lung cancer. Alcohol can damage every organ in your body. Marijuana can affect your ability to judge distance, speed, and your reaction time.

We also had a D.A.R.E. bowl-a-thon. We raised up money to have a better D.A.R.E. program. We had lots of fun bowling. Alex got a portable DVD player. Kyle got a DVD player. Bowling was fantastic.

I also learned about peer pressure. There are different types of peer pressure. There is teasing, indirect, heavy, positive, friendly, and personal pressure. Teasing is saying you’re a chicken or something. Heavy is that they keep asking you to take something. Positive is saying something good about taking drugs or something. Indirect is asking you to take a drug and when you say no they leave you alone. Friendly is saying no thank you and say why you don’t want to take it. Personal is seeing a beer and thinking to yourself whether you should take it or not.

It is illegal to sell any type of drug to kids under 18 for prescriptions. Selling drugs like marijuana is illegal for anyone. You have to be 18 to buy tobacco. You have to be 21 to buy alcohol. Prescriptions can only be used by those it was meant for. Those are some facts about drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

To summarize this up I learned never to take drugs that can harm you. This impacts me because if I take drugs I won’t be able to play sports or other stuff I normally do. To summarize this up I have learned that drugs can be harmful. Also that D.A.R.E. means Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate. D.A.R.E. was fun.

The D.A.R.E. Program

This year I had a great time being in the D.A.R .E program. I enjoyed learning how to resist drugs like cigarettes, and beer. I know that that stuff is not cool to do.

I learned many things about drugs these past weeks. I learned that tobacco and other drugs can hurt a lot of your body. Also together we went through problems that other people had and learned how to solve them. Another thing I learned was what the word D.A.R .E stands for. It stands for Drug, Abuse, Resist, and Education. The decision making model is Define, Asses, Respond, and Evaluate. I think Officer Tory told us about drugs so that when we get older we won’t drink, and smoke. I also learned that many people start doing drugs when they see the advertisements for them. Another thing we learned was about different kinds of peer pressure. There are five kinds or peer pressure friendly, positive, teasing, indirect, and heavy. Now I also know that 11% of middle schoolers have tried doing drugs before and 89% haven’t tried doing drugs but I want 0% of kids to have tried drugs.

This is my commitment to staying drug free. I will always say no to drugs and alcohol. I will stay healthy and make wise choices. I will never let anybody pressure me into doing drugs or alcohol. That is my commitment to not doing drugs. Thank you Officer Tory for this great experience!

D.A.R.E Report

I learned a lot about D.A.R.E over these past weeks. One very important thing I learned about was peer pressure. There are five different types of peer pressure. One type is heavy peer pressure and this is when you get asked to smoke and you keep saying no and they keep following and asking you again and again. The second type is indirect, which is when you say no and the person that is asking you to smoke says they won’t be your friend anymore or you aren’t going to be in the cool group anymore, if you don’t smoke. The third type is teasing which occurs when you say no to doing drugs and people call you names like chicken or they say negative things about your parents. The fourth type is friendly peer pressure. Friendly peer pressure happens when you say no to smoking and the people leave and go with the answer you gave them. The fifth type of peer pressure is positive. Positive peer pressure involves supportive comments and actions to avoid drugs.

I learned to just say no. I also learned that many things can hurt you, even medication. When taking medication take the amount you need because if you take too much you could be in great danger. Another thing I learned is things that can hurt you and the most that can hurt you is Tobacco and Marijuana. Tobacco is bad for your brain, mouth, throat, and your lungs Marijuana is also bad for you brain, and your heart and your liver. Another thing I learned was what D.A.R.E means the d means to define, which is describe the problem, challenge or opportunity, the a means to assess, that means what are your choices, the r means to respond, which means make a choice, and the e means to evaluate,which means review your decision.

When I was in D.A.R.E I did some interesting activities. One activity was called What Do You Think? In this activity we had to guess how many middle schoolers smoked. I was surprised that middle school kids smoked. Another was a Tobacco work sheet. We read facts about what Tobacco does to people then filled in a sheet with these facts. I had a fun time with Officer Torrey. I’m glad he was there to do this with us.

Thank you Officer Torrey for teaching us this information. I learned a lot.

My D.A.R.E. Report
Mikayla J.

Hello, my name is Mikayla. I am a D.A.R.E student. I have learned how drugs can affect me. I also learned how to say no to drugs. I learned to stay drug free.

There are many things I learned and why they are important. I learned that it is important to say no to drugs because they can give you problems that affect you. I learned that a cigarette can slow your body down. That’s important because if you play sports you can suffer from shortness of breath. Alcohol goes directly into your bloodstream and that’s important because you could have a risk for a variety of diseases.

I learned a lot of things in D. A.R.E. One thing that I learned that is important is that a cigarette can give you lung cancer. Another is I learned about an inhales. A inhales can give you brain damage. Also I learned that marijuana can affect your lungs. Those are some of the things I learned in D.A.R.E.

My commitment is that I will not do drugs. I will make wise decisions and won’t try drugs. I won't try alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. That is my commitment.


I learned a lot of interesting things about the DARE program. I feel good that we had the DARE program so we could learn about drugs and how to be safe. I learned about smoking and tobacco. I learned that smoking and tobacco can kill you. Also I learned to stay away from drugs because then you won’t be able to play sports very well. Also it causes shortness of breath when you play sports.

It is good to stay drug free. If you smoke you can get lung cancer. Also it is good to stay healthy so you can play sports. It is important to me to stay drug free. So I can be healthy all my life. I learned that drinking alcohol has school performance effect.

I learned a lot of things about DARE. One thing is to stay away from people that smoke drugs. Also do not drink until you are 21 or you could die. I learned that if you smoke marijuana it causes short term memory loss. If people offer you drug say no and walk away.

I learned to make good decision to stay away of drugs. Also stay with your friends and tell them not to smoke. Also if you’re alone and somebody offers you a cigarette say no and walk away. If they keep bothering you say no while your walking away from the person. I think the dare program was cool because you got to learn things about drugs and how to stay safe.

I think you should stay away from drugs and be safe. Also don’t try any drugs. If somebody offers you a cigarette run and tell a adult. I'm glad we had the DARE program. I will make designs and won't do drugs ever.

D.A.R.E. Teaches Us

In D.A.R.E I learned a lot about drugs and good decisions. I also learned what D.A.R.E stands for. It showed me what to do if somebody asks if I want to do drugs. This is some things I learned.

These are important because if you were in a bad situation you would know what to do. It also tells some facts about drugs and what it can do to you. I learned that smoking could effect your brain. I also heard about inhalants. I never even heard about it. I learned about five things of pear pressure. It tells you what to do if somebody asks if I want to do drug and wont stop asking I know what to say. This is what you could do.

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March 2005


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