Annual Third Grade Trip to the Weir

At the weir I got to see the heart of a fish. I found out there is about 105 eggs in one female salmon. The salmon could jump over a big wall. The salmon had to swim up a fish lader to get to the pool. We got to touch the salmon. It felt slimy, so did the eggs. The people checked for bakteria. If they did they threw the eggs out. I saw about one hundred salmon. A lot of salmon were dead. ...Logan

The fish are old. The eggs are smishi. The fish are jumping over the wall. ...John

The eggs are little orange spheres if they turn light orange and white their dead. If you sqizz the tail eggs will come out if you sqezz the male it will shot out white stuff. ...Brittany

We saw fish climbing up the fish latter then, after they climbed up the fish latter they were emptied into pools. But I didn't really look at anything else because it was really gross! ...Claire

We went to the Little Manistee Weir. I saw a fish stuck on the wall and it was stuck for a while. I got splashed two times. They check the fish for a disease. When the hart was out it cept on pumping for a few minutes. When the blood came out of the heart it did not pump any more. They smact the fish with a stick to setal them down. I got to see the liver when they cut the fish open. The kind of fish is salmon. A man put air in the female and most of the eggs came right out. The fish were not very jamady today. The fish were very big. Some were white because they are old. There were a lot of eggs in one bucket. There were fish flopping when they were on the floor. A fish jumped out of the baral. Not a lot of fish did not jump up to the water fall. I saw little salmon fish. I touch the hart. I touched a fish. We had a hole lot of fun at the weir. I hold the eggs. Kaitlin

I saw a salman lay eggs. They had a air pressure put in their belly to push the eggs. The people cut open the fish to see if the fish had a disease. They look at the kidney!!! ... Mariah

I saw the bleding heart of a fish. I got to hold the heart of the fish. I learned that people bet the fish. I lrnd when they fish trn whit they are old. I saw an old fish that had no nows at all. ...Mikelle

I thought it was cool to go to the weir because we got to see the fish get clob in the head. It was cool to see the salmon get cut open. They took out the heart and it was still pumping. The people don't do this to be mean, they do it because there's a disease called b.k.d. disease, and they don't want the other fish to get it. Today it was raining so we had to eat on the bus while the biologist tested the eggs. Then we went to the stream. We saw the salmon swiming very slow. Then after everyone got on the bus, I got to go get the eggs with Miss Catanise. The eggs are very stinky. Then me, Cady, and brittany were acting like we were dead. We were lafing really loud. Miss Catanise told us to be quiet. Then we got to school. ...Nisha

We went to the Manistee river weir. What they did was hit the fish with a bat. Then they stuck an air tub in the belley and the eggs came out of the mom. Then they dissected the female fish. The people are not trying to be mean. They are jest looking for a rare disease. We found baby eggs all over the ground. It was cool when they dissected the fish. ...Cady

I found a fishing hook and I tied it to a stick and I coit a fish. If they have a white spot on them they are almost ded. The eggs are little orange round balls. ...Joshua

When we went to the Little Manistee River weir I saw them cut salmon open and when we saw the heart it was still pumping. The people smact the fish with clubs. They testid for BKD disease. The biologist told us about salmon. There was little pools of salmon and the salmon tried to jump over the wall and they snagd a dead salmon with a hole and fishing line and a ltic. To tell a female from a male a female has a big stumik and the male has sharp teth. ...Mitchel

I did not now that they put air prasher in the females to get all the eggs out. I notist they mix the males stof in with the eggs. ...Sierra

The eggs are orange little spheres and if they have a black dot they are growing. And if they tern white they are dead. If you poak them a little bit in the stomach the eggs will come out. And if you squez the male it will shut out white spurm and if you cut it oven to check for a disease you will see its hart still pump. Out of one femail is about 2, 000 eggs. ...Natasha

Today I went to the Weir in Manistee. I saw lots of salmon. The biologists cut open the fish and showed us the heart. I touched the heart. Sometime steelheads get caught. I tried to talk to the salmon and it worked!. The eggs were smaller than marbles. The eggs were orange. ...Sam. B.

The salmon at the weir were prety jumpy. The salmon were swiming. The most salmon were in the river. Some of them were old and big and long. ...David

The water has to be cool so the salmon can live. ...Lauren

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We saw salmon jumping all over the place. One of them jumped over a piece of wood. In the building they showed us the differens between a male and a female. The female let out eggs. The people dissected a female. We saw a heart. I didn't like it that much. ...Sam T.

Wen they cut the fish open we felt the heart. They chek to fish for kidney disease that is called BKD so the other fish don't get it. ...Brandon

I saw biologists. I saw lots of salmon. I saw lots of people. I saw lots of grats. They hit the fish to nock it out. They look for Bkd. The fish was slimey. ...Nick


Back in the classroom, Mrs. Catanese poured the eggs into the waiting tank. The children will watch them develop.

The biologists only cut open the female. They were checking for BKD. They do not want it to spread. Another thing they did was poke a needle in its belly and tipped the female down. A bunch of eggs come out. Over 3,000! Then they get a male and fertilized the eggs. That is what I saw at the weir. ...Ismael

At the weir I saw a lot of salmon. I saw a lot of eggs. I saw a big riverthat fish swim up. It was cool. It was raining. It was fun. I saw a little hart. They had to hit the fish because to nock them out. ...Bryson

I saw a lot of salmon. Some of them were white. They looked funny. I was trying to cach a salmon. The eggs were sqwoshey. I named the eggs Sqweshey, Gusey, and Mushey. I saw the salmon jumping over a big wall. At the weir I got to feel a salmon heart and it was still pumping. ...Jordan

I like it when I found a fishing line. I found a hook and berrys. We put everything together and caught a dead fish. ...Dan

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