Above, we see students in Mrs. Catanese's class participating by filling the collection box.

The National Honor Society organized a Pennies for Patients
fund raiser for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society

Collection boxes were placed in each classroom.

  Questions? Contact Ms. French or Mary Lynn Bradford at Onekama School.

Pennies for Patients

Doing Pennies for Patients is a good idea because people get hurt lots of times. It happens to old people. I care for all the old people. I'm gessing we got $80. We used a white box to put the money in. I do not know who got the most money. I hope my class wins and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. ...Katie H., grade 2

Pennies for Patients

I thought it would be fun doing Pennies for Patients. I think our class has the most Pennies. Mrs. Catanese does not no who won. I think it was our class. If your class wins they will get to go to a Pizza party. That's why our class is trying to win. We are doing Pennies for Patients for Lymphoma Society. ...Meredith, grade 2

Pennies for Patients

I brong in lots of pennies. We have at least $90. Pennies for Patients is a fund raiser for the leukemia / Lymphoma Society. I liked to bring in Pennies for the People in the hospital. It makes me feel good because of helping people. ...Bryson, grade 3

Pennies for Patients

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February 2005

Pennies for Patients

Mrs. Catanese's students are eager to help others and to win the  $50 gift certificates towards a pizza party which will be presented to the class that collects the most money. 

A collection box was placed in each elementary classroom.

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