Yesterday two women came from Wings of Wonder and told us about raptors. Every year they get around 75 birds that need help. …Madalyn, grade 5

One day at school two people came in. Their names were Rebecca and Janice. The showed us pictures of birds. They work on birds that have been hurt. She helps owls, falcons, vultures, and a lot of other birds. Her favorite bird is the turkey vultures. They brought in real birds like an owl, a baby owl, and a falcon. …Quinn, grade 4

I saw a big owl and her name was Sage. I saw a baby owl. …Kyle, Kdg

I saw a falcon. I saw an owl. …Kassie, Kdg

I saw two owls. One was little and one was big. Their names were Sage and Otis and they were so cute. I saw their talons. …Kelly, Kdg

I saw a little owl and I saw its talons. …Tighe, Kdg

I saw a big owl. I saw a little owl. …Bobby, Kdg

The other day we had a person come in and tell us about a group of bird. The group of birds was called Raptors. There are many different kinds of birds in the raptor group. My favorite one is the little screech owl. Even when it was full grown it was still a tiny little bird. When she brought out the birds we had to be really quiet and not say bad words like "yuck". It was really cool to have someone come in and tell us about those birds. …Kyle, grade 5

I saw big wings and a big owl. The owl had 1 blind eye. His name was Sage. …Logan, Kdg

Yesterday we watched Rebecca and Janice do Wings of Wonder. They take care of injured raptors. She talked about talets pelits and more. They showed us three birds. I can’t pick. Their names are Sage, Odes, and Ruby. …Elizabeth, grade 4

I saw a real falcon. I saw a little owl too. …Kiara, Kdg

I saw an owl in school. I saw a falcon. …Jacob, Kdg

The Wings of Wonder came to our school to talk about birds. The people who came brought raptors. A vulture puke smells so bad it smells worse than a skunk. Some Puke dripped on the lady's hand and skin. The claws are called talons. Raptors are birds of Prey. The screech owl is small when screech owls are babies. They are as big as a ping pong ball. I liked it when the Great horned owl Pooped. ...Jon, grade 2

I saw an owl and I saw its talons. …Tyler, Kdg

I saw a falcon and I got to touch a wing. …Austin, Kdg

Some people came in from a place called Wings of Wonder. This place took care of sick birds and injured birds. The assembly was cool because there were bird’s claws on the table. The group of birds we learned was called the raptors. They are a cool group of birds. One of the birds in the group was a turkey vulture. They are scavengers they eat dead stuff like dead road kill. Road kill is nasty stuff that it is dead like skunk. Falcons are fast flyers. They are the fasted animals in the world. It can reach up to 280 miles per hour. If they are going for a grouse and they miss it and hit the ground at that speed they could get killed are badly hurt. …Austin B.
NOTE: Wings of Wonder is a non profit charitable organization whose mission includes educating the public about wildlife, conservation, ecology and current environmental issues, with a focus on raptors. The organization also rehabilitates sick, injured and orphaned raptors with the goal of releasing healthy individuals back into the wild. Finally, Wings of Wonder increases the over-all knowledge of wildlife rehabilitation, regulations, and education methods through fieldwork, networking, and research. Rebecca Lessare presented at Onekama Elementary.

Yesterday when the ladies came in with the wild birds I thought that they were cool. Their names were Odis, a small screech owl, Siege, is a great horned owl, and Ruby was a mustache falcon. I learned a lot about raptors, owl’s, falcons, and other birds. She also brought owl pellets and John bought 3 of the pellets. I liked watching the birds. I learned a lot from Rebecca and Janice. ,,,Brittany, grade 4

The wings of wonder help animals but not all animals just rapters like owals and birds like rapters. The wing of wonder tells if they can go in the wild or not. They also tell what the animal can or can't do. The wings of wonder also help the animals by giving them a new home to stay in while they get better. ...Alexis. grade 2

The Wings of Wonder is a place where they take kar of birds that are ingrd. Like if they have a broken rib it causes them to fly in to things. They you can get rilly hurt. You shouldnt tich woyld animals that cud have dizizis. You should go and call 911. If they dont now wit to do then they will call the vet a nering to cum and get it and they will put it in a kag and they will do surgre on it. They will desid if it can get better. ...Natasha. grade 2

Wings of wonder is when you help birds. This one bird named Odis got tooken away from a lady that wanted a pet owl and she fed the owl hamberger instead of bird see. That's not good at all. Ruby got hit by a car in the eye and didn't die and she's blind with one eye She can see with one eye anc ceches food. ...Sadee. grade 2

The Wings of Wonder is a place where people take care of birds from the wild. Like if a hawks leg is broken, they will take it to the Wings of Wonder place. The Wings of Wonder place they only rase birds called Rapters. The Rapter they rase are not dinosaurs, they are birds. Rapter means bird of pray because they kill their pray instead of other animals killing it for them. ...Jacinda. grade 2

One day our class went to the media center to see birds. The girl who brought them in was Rebecca Lessard and assistant Janice. They both work at the Wings of Wonder. Rebecca brought on Adult Owl, a teenager owl, and a falcon. …Brandon B. grade 4

March 21 the whole elementary went to the Media center to see wings of wonder. I learned that birds like owls and vultures are called raptors. I also learned that owls don’t fly fast because they have things on there wings that make them silent when they fly. I learned that vultures vomit their food when an animal like a wolf comes, and it smells so gross that it leaves. That is what I learned from them. …Danielle, grade 5

Yesterday there was a lady who came to our school to talk about a place in northern Michigan called Wings of Wonder. It is illegal to have a raptor feather in you house unless you have a permit. Every raptor has talents. They can dive as fast as 280 miles per hour. The lady brought in three different kinds of birds. One was a great horned owl, another was a falcon and, the last was a screech owl. I t was very neat. ..Jennica

Today we had a visitor from Wings of Wonder. Her name was Mrs. Lessard. They help injured raptors Raptors are birds of pray. They have a hooked beak and talons. I like it when she brought out the real birds. I liked it because I never saw an owl or any bird close up. One thing that I learned was that it is illegal to own a raptor feather. ...Megan, grade 2

Today we had a visitor from Wings of Wonder. Her name was Ms. Lessard. Wings of Wonder helps injured raptors. Raptors are birds that prey. I liked the screech owl because he was cute! I learned that when a vulture is scared it throws up. You need a license to keep a raptor. ...Janique, grade 2

Yesterday we got to go and see people that work with raptors. They work at the winds of wonder. They said they get about 60 to 75 birds a year. She talked about their talons and what they can do to you. The people also showed us a move about the raptors. They showed us real raptors. One was a great horn owl. ….Alex, grade 5

Wings of Wonder is a place where they take rafters like owls and eagles. A lady showed us a real owl and two other birds and she had bird wings and claws and feathers and other things and pichers of birds that were in the wild. Then another lady showed us another bird was brown and black and a different coler and there was a little bird. ...Taylor. grade 2

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