I am a Peacemaker
Peacemakers take us to recess. They help us when we get hurt. They help us stay in line.

"Dylan helps us at recess."... Trever, grade 1

"Jaylee chases me at recess. I like Jaylee." ... Kylie, grade 1

"Sammy is my favorite peacemaker because she helps me when I kick theballs over the fence." ... Jessica, grade 1

"My brother plays soccer with me. He's a peacemaker too." ... Randy, grade 1

"My favorite peacemaker is Austin, my brother." ... Kamryn, grade 1

"My favorite peacemaker is Amy because nice." ... Tiffany, grade 1

"Brandin helps me get the balls out of Tucker's yard." ... Kyler, grade 1


I am a fourth grade peacemaker. A peacemaker is someone who goes to lunch and recess with the little kids. At lunch you can help the kids if they need help them open their milks. After lunch I took the little kids out for recess and then I took some more kids out. All the peacemakers have to split up outside. Then when recess was over the peacemakers take the kids to their lines.

I am a Peacemaker

I am a peacemaker. I think it is really fun to help the little kids. You get to go to lunch with them and you get to go to recess with them. It is enjoyable to play with them and see what they play. I really like being a peacemaker.

Austin B.

On Friday I'm a peacemaker. I help the little kids. I go to lunch with the little kids. I help them at recess time. After that I come back to Mrs. Brown's. That is my class.

Peacemakers Win Another Award

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I am a Peace Maker

When you are a peacemaker you watch the little kids. You have to go to lunch and lunch recess with them. You need to make sure the little kids behave. When a ball gets stuck on a wall you have to get it. That is what you have to do.

Peace Makers

I like Peace Makers because I get to help other people. I like helping people when they're hurt.

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I am a peacemaker for the little kids. Peacemakers have to look out for the little kids. I like being a peacemaker. I get to play with my little sister. If the little kids have a problem you have to help them. You also have to take the little kids to lunch. My favorite part of being a peacemaker is I get to play with the little kids.


I am a peacemaker in fourth grade class. Being a peacemaker is really fun. It is really fun because you get to play with the little kids. All the little kids hug you to death. The kids like to play with you. You get to help Ms. Millark. If the little kids get hert you have to help them.

More about Peacemakers by Fourth Graders

Parker S.

I am a fourth grade peacemaker. I have a lot of friends. They really like me being a peacemaker. I look out for the littler kids. I know some kids that want to be like me when they grow up. Some times it’s hard to look after all of these kids. Peacemakers rock! I love being a peacemaker.

Peacemakers have been active at Onekama since 1998

Peacemakers began with the help of Ms Chris Wasserman.

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