Listen America
by Kelly, grade 4

Listen America is made up of people who recognize kids and grown ups. They give awards for people who make a difference by being kind to others.

First there were speakers. They told us what Listen America is about. Then they called schools up by alphabetical order. Once our school was called Mr. Huge called our names and said something about each of us. After that we had pictures with the speakers. Then we had pictures with all the schools. It was really fun.

Listen America
by Jennica, grade 5

On Monday night I went to Cadillac to be announced that I was chosen by my teachers. I was chosen because I'm like a baby-sitter to the community. We had many pictures with Michelle McManus and General Cannon. When General Cannon got up to speak we had to say "nowy" which meant yes, or "got ya". Each person is getting a 8 X 10 with a picture of all that kids that were chosen. We each got an award from the senator and from Listen America.

by Kyle, grade 5

The other night I went to an award event. I went with two other fifth graders and three fourth graders. We were chosen because we help others and we are good in school.

Before the awards some kids did some dancing and music. Our school was one of the last schools. We received a small group picture. Then we got a big, big group picture. It was a nice award thing.

Listen America
by Jessa, grade 4

Listen America is a good opportunity for adults and young people to be their best. During this they can choose the right thing and throw the wrong thing away. People can be awarded for doing things in their community. Listen America gives people a chance to be role models and see who they really are.

Listen America
by Josh, grade 4

We went to Cadillac School. We were the last school up. We got an award. We got a shirt. It was blue. We got to take a group picture. Mr. Hughes said what the teachers wrote about us. Kelly, Jessa, and Josh were from the fourth grade.

April 2005

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