Lots and Lots of Cleaning
May 3, 2005

Today we to went Glen Park. It was really fun. Moriah and I were buddies. We liked raking. Moriah rakes really fast. I made it to look nice and clean. There was barely any garbage when we were done. It took us two hours, but we did a good job. We caught frogs in the stream. Emalee caught a toad. We wish we could have stayed longer. ...Annie

Today we went to Glen Park. We split up in groups of eight or nine. We raked, picked up sticks, and picked up garbage. It was the fourth grad and some of the fifth graders. Once we were done we got to drink from a river. Glen Park is not a park, it is trails that go in the woods. The we walked back to school. ...Quinn

Today we went to clean up Glen Park. We got to walk there. I had a lot of fun. We raked the trails and picked up trash. We found frogs too. The part I liked was playing in the creek. I had lots of fun at Glen Park. ...Daniel

Today we went on a field trip to clean up a park down the road. There were three jobs. They were picking up trash, moving sticks out of the pathway and raking. I raked and moved sticks. We found two bull frogs in the woods. I had a good time cleaning up the trails. ...Joe

Today we went to Glen Park to clean up the trails. I raked out the wishing wells. Nine people were in my group. Ms. Stendel was the leader of our group. Lots of people raked. Other people picked up sticks and trash. It was really fun. ...Emily B.

Today Mrs. Brown's and Mrs. Bennett's (Mr. Brant) class went to Glen Park. We cleaned up the park. It was fun. I had to rake. We cleared paths and raked leaves. We also put logs on the mud so people wouldn't step in it. I'd like to do it again. ...Elizabeth

Fourth and Fifth Graders at Glen Park May 3, 2005

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