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Elementary Students:
The Internet is a fascinating place to visit, and we want you to have a safe journey. You are expected to stay at the sites suggested by your teacher. If you accidentally go to the wrong page, click "back" in the upper left corner, or ask the teacher for help.

DO NOT fill in forms requesting personal information without permission from your teacher. Many pages have advertisements. This is how the site earns money. DO NOT respond to these advertisements. You may not give out your address or download information from the site.

Some sites allow you to "ask an expert" using e-mail. It can be interesting getting e-mail from "an expert", but you are required to check with the teacher first.

There are times when you will want to download or print files. First get permission from an adult. Some files are very long.

Having e-mail is a priviledge. Rules for proper behavior always apply. The same goes for creating & sending e-mail cards.

Many sites are listed in Scholastic News and other publications. Ask for permission to type in the addresses. Follow the rules, please, and the Internet will be a great experience.

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