8 & 9 year old Winners

Elk Hoop Shoot November 8, 2003 at Onekama

Winning Girl
Jaylee Brown; 8 out of 25

Winning Boy
Alex ; 11 out of 25

Other shooter for the girls
Danielle ; 6 out 25

Other shooter for the boys
Bryce ; 9 out of 25
Tanner ; 6 out of 25
Dylan ; 3 out of 25

10 & 11 year old Winners at Onekama

Winning Girl
Kailani Buckner 6 out 0f 25

Winning Boy
Thomas Koon in a double overtime victory over Joe Kosiboski. Thomas and Joe were tied at the end of 25 with both making 13. Then out of the next five, both made 3 shots and in the next set Thomas made 4 out 5 to beat Joe in and very exciting match.

Other shooters for the boys
Jared ; 10 out of 25
Jordon Zupin 11 out of 25
Ryan ; 9 out of 25
Kyle 6 out of 25
Cody 5 out of 25

12 & 13 year olds Winners

Winning Girl
Stacey Keith 16 out of 25

Winning Boy
Justin Zupin 11 out of 25

Other shooters for the Girls
Alexi Callaway 13 out of 25
Chelsea Miller 12 out of 25
Lucie Salyer 9 out of 25
Kelsey Acker 7 out of 25
Erin Brown 4 out of 25
Mallory Mattson 3 out of 25

On 11/22/03, the Manistee High School Gym was the site of the Elks Hoop Shoot. There was 6 shooters from Onekama: Jaylee Brown, Alex , Kailani Buckner, Thomas Koon, Stacey Keith, and Justin Zupin The top three finishers in each age group received a very pretty red, white, blue basketball and the 1st place finishers earn a trip to Big Rapids in January to continue on.
OHS had two 1st place finishers in the Manistee Competition: Jaylee Brown and Stacey Keith. Congratulation girls on your 1st place finish and good luck at Big Rapids.

8 & 9 year old Division in Manistee

Jaylee Brown took first for the girls by making 7 out of 25

Alex finished 2nd in the boys group.

10 & 11 year old Division in Manistee

Kailani Buckner took 3rd place for the girls

Thomas Koon took 2nd place for the boys making 11 out 25 (first place was 13 out of 25)

12 & 13 year old Group in Manistee

For the Girls Stacey Keith took 1st making 14 out of 25

For the boys Justin Zupin finished 4th place making 11 out of 25
(1st place was 17 out 25, 2nd was 16 out of 25, and 3rd was 14 out of 25 )




Thanks to everyone who came out and took part in a very snowy day in Onekama. thank you to the adult volunteers: Kim Acker, Duane Keith, Gordon Koschtial, Pete Miller, Dennis Zupin & Gina Hagen. Good luck to the winners whom will next shoot at 1:00 p.m. on 11/22/03 a Saturday at Manistee High School gym. .......Dennis Zupin