Vincent Van Gogh

My painting is different from Vincent Van Gogh’s painting because mine has only a few flowers and his has a lot of flowers. I wish I could have done a better job. I did my best. I am not as skilled as Van Gogh.

The name of my painting is 15 Sunflowers. I didn’t count them because I thought it would be too hard. Some were behind other flowers. I thought it was great from my perspective. I think he used oil paint. I used regular water paint. I think Vincent Van Gogh would be interested that someone would want to repaint his painting. That is a compliment. I think he would like mine, too.

Ballet Dancers getting ready to dance
by Edgar Degas


In my painting there are two girls, one scratching her back and one putting on her ballet shoes. I looked at around 50 paintings by Degas, and mine was not in any of them, but Edgar Degas has many paintings of many different things. He paints many ballet dancers, horses, and people.

I painted mine by looking at his first then trying to sketch it and match colors to the original colors. It was very hard to match the colors or at least get them pretty close to matching. Mine was a kind of dark painting to so I mostly used browns, greens, and colors like that.

The difference between the artist and mine is that mine is not all of the same colors. His is very good, but mine is a little darker and not as well detailed too. I had fun painting though, it was great.

Monet’s Painting

On December 14th 1840 Claude Oscar Monet was born. His family lived in Paris, but then they moved to Le Harve. Then in 1857 the death of his mother came. One year later Monet met Eug’ene Boudin who encouraged him to paint out side. Then another year later Monet went back to the Paris and enters the Swiss Academy. Monet loved the Academy he has so much opportunity to paint there. Then in 1870 Monet marries Camille. And for another 56 years his life goes on well until he goes nearly blind, but the doctors could help so he was able to see again. Monet continued to paint although he knew that he would die soon. And so the day came, on December 5th Monet died. He is buried in a simple cemetery at Giverny. Monet’s life is over, but his paintings still go on.

My painting and Monet’s panting are different because all of the colors aren’t the same. Also they are different because his painting has a lot of short brush strokes. And also his has a lot more texture to his painting. My painting and Monet’s painting are alike because we both used paint. They are also alike because everything is in the same place in both paintings. Our paintings are different in many ways, and alike in many ways. But, both of the paintings are good.

My Art

Jacques Louis David-Napoleon Franchissant Les Alps

I copied a painting in art class by Jacques Louis David. I think I came really close to the real painting. My colors were a little bit darker than the real painting. Also his had a little more details than mine did, but I bet he took a lot more time than I did. I think my painting was pretty close to the real painting. It was really fun doing this project.

Jacques Louis David was born on Aug.30, 1748 and died on Dec. 29 1825. I think his best painting was Napoleon Franchissant Les Alps meaning Bonaparte Crossing the Alps, the one I did. He was famous for painting Neo-classical movement in France during the 1780’s. Besides being an artist he was also a draughtsmen. I think he was a very successful artist during the 1700’s.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting was not popping out, unlike mine witch was popping out. His had 15 flowers. Mine only had 15 flowers. The paintings were called SUNFLOWERS. He made the painting January 1889.

Henri Matisse — The Blue Room

Henri Matisse was born on December 31, 1869 in a town called Le Cateau located in northern France. In 1892 Matisse went to Paris to study art formally. In 1954 at the age of 84 he died.

I have looked at over 150 paintings by Henri Matisse and I didn’t find my painting on the web. So I’m calling it The Blue Room because it is blue. In my painting I took out the bottom part because I felt it didn’t belong in this painting because it was ugly and the colors just didn’t seem to go with each other. I think his painting was better than mine, because his had more detail and he took more time on his painting.

I really like Henri Matisse’s painting because he like to draw things over and over again, like he make a second or third painting for most of his paintings.

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