June Talent Show

Yesterday we had a talent show. Lauren did a violin piece. Then Yumi and Maeve did a dance to a song called Hey Ya. Then it was our turn to do our thing. We did a dance that was like ballet. We did it to a rock song. The song was from a linkin park cd. I think we did good. Everybody laughed at us because it was funny. It was very fun, Miss Bishop helped us, and it was in Mrs. Eldridge’s honor. I would do it again any time.

Talent show

The talent show yesterday was really fun. Logan, Nolan, Mike M, and I did a ballet to a rap song the song was called Linkin Park. Everyone laughed at us and they thought it was really funny. Our group was called The Four Frenchmen. The talent show was fun.

Talent Show

The talent show was great. It had many different acts. Some were funny, and some not funny. The ones that weren’t funny were still good though. My favorite act was The Four Frenchmen. They were hilarious! I really want to have another talent show.

Nolan Salyer AKA Frenchman

Yesterday on Wednesday we had a talent show. I was in a group with Alan, Logan, and Mike M. We did a Ballet to Linkin Park. It was funny because we don’t know how to dance. All the kids in the audience liked us because we fell a lot. Mrs. Eldridge also got lots of presents because she’s retiring this year. The talent show was really fun. (Unfortunately the Frenchmen moved so rapidly, that the digital camera could not get a good shot.)


Yesterday was the talent show. Some people did dancing. Other people read poems. Some people played an instrument, like Loren and her mom. It was fun. At the end Ryan, Brook, Loren, and Malana gave Mrs.Eldridge gifts. I liked the talent show a lot.

Talent show

Yesterday (June 9,04), the fifth grade had a talent show. Not everyone did the talent show. Yumi and I were in the talent show and we did a dance called ‘hey ya’. We also made up a dance called ‘Toxic’ . It was really fun.

June, 2004

Homepage for 5th Grade 2003-2004

Our Talent Show

Yesterday we had a Talent show put on for Mrs. Eldridge and the rest of the elementary. Miss Bishop helped us get ready. Almost all the classes came. The Talent Show was done by the whole 5th grade, but at the end Malana, Brooke se, Lauren, and I all gave her either flowers, cards, or a basket of fruit. I wasn’t a part of the show until the end.

Our Talent
Ashley D

Our talent show was really cool. Ashlie and I did a Britney Spears dance. We called ourselves Double A because we are both named Ashley/Ashlie. It was so very funny. I like the dancing part of my dance. I almost fell though. Plus I hope in 6th grade I hope we can do talent shows. It was so fun!

Talent Show
Brooke Taylor

In the talent show a lot of people did dances but Lauren played her violin. It was really good, and all the kids were cheering her because she is really good. A lot of other kids were dancing at the end of the show because Lauren played her fiddle. I thought the talent show was really good.

My Poem

I read a poem called Squishy Touch. Shel Silverstien made the poem. I changed 2 parts in the poem. My sister got mad at me for saying one part. In the poem I said I turn things raspberry Jell-O.

Talent shows

At the talent show I was the door holder. The main reason for that is because Miss Bishop thought Tim meant crappie as in human waist, but Tim meant the fish kind. Witch really bummed me out. But I stayed in from recess and helped Miss Bishop set up for the talent show in the media center. What I did was help get the stage set. So I went out and got a stand.