Day 3

Unit Production
Mass Production

I learned about unit production and mass production. I was in the mass production. Mass production is kind of like an assembly line. ....Nathan

I learned how to make a pen. It is really fun. We had two minutes to make pens. ...Zach 

Our group had to do mass production. We made 9 pens. The highest we got was 11. We were really close to beating them but they were too fast. The pens were easy to make but it took a while to put springs on the pens so that slowed us down a lot. ....Brooke So

 Mrs. Punches said we were going to be making pens. When I herd that I got excited. So when she asked for six people to do it, my hand went right up. I made two pens in two minutes. I was about to get my third one done when time was called. ...Paul William

I got to work in mass production. I also got to make a pen. There is another production called unit production. ...Todd 

The group I was in made mass production. I was the tester. Our group got the most pens made out of all the other mass producers. We made 9 and they all worked! ...Nolan 

I learned that unit production means you did it by your self. It was fun. ...Michael M. 

We made pens. It was fun and hard. It is better to do it by yourself. That is what we did today. ...Jeremy

I like my new pen that I made. ...Jessie

I learned to put a pen together. ...Bryan

Today we learned about unit and mass production.. I think unit is the fastest way to make a pen. ...Michael S.

I got to make a pen with my classmates and we worked hard. We tested them and some of them I got mixed up. So now we have our own pens. ...Travis 

In an assembly line each person does one thing like putting something on a pen such as a spring. ...Chris

Today we did an experiment that included unit and mass production. First Mrs. Punches showed us how to put together a pen. After it was our turn, but before we did any of that we watched a video. The video was about making a CD. I think that was fun and educational. ...Shane

Today we learned a lot about jobs. We made pens. I was fastest, and Ryan was fast too! My team made 11 pens. Our team made the most pens. Mrs. Punches taught me a lot. I like JA because you get to learn many things.....Ashley

Today Mrs. Punches came and I learned that you can make mass production and unit production. Mass production means that you make something like a pen or a car, you make an assembly line to make mass production. To do unit production you put something together by yourself. We also got to make pens and we even got to keep one. I had a lot of fun with Mrs. Punches. I am glad she came. ...Yumi

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