I liked JA a lot. My reason that I liked JA is because Mrs. Punches is a very nice person and she explains things very well.

One fun thing that both fifth grade classes did was put pens together. The reason I liked putting pens together is because we would compare who had the most pens put together and who put the lest amount of pens put together. I am glad we put pens together.

Thank you for taking time for teaching us JA. You were a wonderful teacher.


Today I learned to make a business. We made posters. At the end we got certificates. I learned a lot of things. It was really fun. We even learned about corporations, and things like that.

I really appreciated Mrs. Punches coming in. I got to learn plenty of new things. Today was the last day she was going to come in. She’s a nice teacher. This last lesson was really fun!


In J.A. we’ve had 5 lessons. In J.A. I learned how to start a business and run a business. Last week we made pens, and we got to keep them. I learned about partnerships and corperationsion in a business.

The one fun thing I liked about J.A. was getting timed when making the pens.

J.A. Last Session
Brooke Ann

Today we had our last J. A. meeting. We made our own store and we had to learn steps on how to start a business. We named it "The Sport Shop." We had dissuaded to locate it in the mall. It had many things in it.

Today was really fun. I just wish it wasn’t over. I’m going to miss Mrs. Punches. At the end she gave us a certificate and a coupon for $1.00 off a purchase in 2004. Last she got her picture taken with us.


I really appreciate Mrs. Punches coming in to teach us about Junior Achievement. It was very nice of her to take her time to help us learn about things like advertisement, businesses, and social skills. I thank her for all the new skills I learned.

I learned that advertisements are called promotions. Also I learned that a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation runs businesses. That is what I learned in J.A.


Today was our last day for Junior Achievement. Mrs. Punches was our J.A. teacher. Mrs. Punches gave us certificates for participating in J.A. Also we got gift certificates for her store. It was a coupon for a dollar. Mrs. Punches store is called fun stuff. Her store has a lot of fun stuff.

Today we made a sports shop out of nothing. We had everything from snowmobiles to roller-blades. The day before that we made ad’s. Our’s was a reminder. A reminder is like something that is real just reminding you to go there.



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January 15, 2004

Homepage for 5th Grade 2003-2004

Junior Achievement Day 5

In junior achievement we made a poster. Our poster was a yo-ge-oh business. Now it is over. JA is cool for me.

I wish that I had JA still. The reason why is because it was fun. It was easy thou. I like JA very well.

Junior achievement was fun with Mrs. Punches. She was a cool teacher too. JA is the best class ever.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement taught me a lot about a business. It was hard but still fun. It was nice when we got that coupon.

Sometime it would be hard making the pens. It was fun when we got to make our pen. It was cool when we got to make our own business. I now what kinds of business there are.

I really like it because I learn a lot from it. I now it will help me when I get older. I really like the paper we got. That is what we did in Junior Achievement.


Today was are last day of junior achievement. Every one had a very fun time doing junior achievement.

We made posters also. I had a fun time doing it. We had to choose what kind of store what we wanted. We picked the snow shop.

We all thank Mrs. Punches. Both classes thank Mrs. Punches.

Junior Achievement

Yesterday was our last day of Junior Achievement. I enjoyed it. I am planning to set an Internet store for Yugioh cards. J.A. Taught me the economics I need to Know to do this. Half of my profits will go to my M.I.M.N.C. (money I might need for collage) fund.

We learned about unit, mass, and batch production. Unit production is when you make one product by yourself. Mass production is when each person works to add one part. Batch production is when many workers do many jobs.

In junior achievement I learned a lot about economics. I might need this knowledge when I open my online store. I could make a lot of money from that store.

JA Lesson 5

JA was really educational. We learned a lot about economics. Mrs. Punches was a really good teacher. I liked JA very much. There is much more to economics than I thought there was.

JA was very interesting. We made many things even advertisements. We also learned a lot about businesses. After JA was all over we got a certificate and a one dollar gift certificate to Fun Stuff.

We learned a lot in JA. One of the things we did was make advertisements. Our group did a sports shop. We had to write the names of our business in big letters on the posters. We also had to include the address. We learned a lot about economics from Mrs. Punches.