JA: Advertising

JA Lesson 5

JA was really educational. We learned a lot about economics. Mrs. Punches was a really good teacher. I liked JA very much. There is much more to economics than I thought there was.

JA was very interesting. We made many things even advertisements. We also learned a lot about businesses. After JA was all over we got a certificate and a one dollar gift certificate to Fun Stuff.

We learned a lot in JA. One of the things we did was make advertisements. Our group did a sports shop. We had to write the names of our business in big letters on the posters. We also had to include the address. We learned a lot about economics from Mrs. Punches.

Brooke Taylor

Today Mrs. Punches came in we showed our posters to the class. Our poster was about glasses. That was my favorite part of JA class. We learned a lot about businesses and about what kind of jobs there is. Mrs. Punches works at fun stuff in Onekama. It is a little purple building right away from the park in Onekama. It is cool learning about jobs.

When we did the posters we had to make it big and neat. People liked ours but it was just we did not put the address and stuff on it. I was really fun doing the posters together in a group.

I like JA and I hope Mrs. Punches will come back sometime. I think it is really fun with Mrs. Punches!


JA is junior achievement. We learned about businesses.

It was fun to make posters. It was also fun to make pens and other stuff. I enjoyed learning about businesses.

Thank you for coming in to teach us JA. It was really fun.

Michael M.

Junior achievement is like social study kind of. In junior achievement we learn about business. In JA we make a lot projects.

Junior achievement is a lot of fun. Junior Achievement is fun because we do a lot of fun projects like making the pens. The pens were kind of easy to make. This is how you make the pens first you put the ink cartridge on the spring then you put the whit and green on the ink cartridge then put the finishing parts on.

Thank you Mrs. Punches. Thank you for the pens and the fun time with you I will miss you. Thank you

Junior Ach.
Michael S.

Thursday January 15, 2004 was our last junior achievement lesson. We learned about advertisement. We also learned about planing our business. We learned mass purducion too. We learned a lot about JA

The fun thing we did was we made pens. Some did unit. Some did mass too. Making pens are fun. It’s fun to learn and have fun.

It was really nice of Miss. Punches to teach us. She spared her time with us. She helped us with mass purducion. Miss. Punches is really nice.

J.A. Last Day

Today in J.A. we learned that we could make our own business and how to work in our business.

We had to make an advertising poster for J.A. and we advertise for the other class. Today was the last day of J.A. I want to thank Mrs. Punches for taking her time to come in to our classroom and teaching us a little bit a bout J.A.

I learned that there are three kinds of levels for a business partner ship, sole proprietor and a corporation. I thought that it was a fun time and I liked having her come into our classroom.

J.A. Lesson Four

Today J.A. was really fun. We made posters. The people in my group were Ashley, Ryan, Cam, Jake, Brook and me. Our poster was about a snow shop or gear.

Mrs. Punches also had us write some thing on a piece of paper. The things that she told us to write were things like where you would put a business. (for example JC Penny) We needed to have a spot where we would get more customers.

All of the times that Mrs.Punches came in, I had a lot of fun. She was also really nice. I am real happy that she came in. I had a lot of fun.

Junior Achievement

I had a lot of fun in junior achievement. We did a lot of activities with Mrs. Punches the J.A. lady. We designed a business. It was a sports shop. The shop sold almost everything that had to do with sports.

There was a time last week when we made posters. This was very fun. It was fun because we got to draw and talk. We made a poster of a shop that we made up. The shop that we designed was a skiing/snowboarding shop.

I would like to thank Mrs. Punches for coming into our class and teaching us economics and for giving us the books and stuff. We also got gift certificates for one dollar for fun stuff. If I haven’t mentioned she is the owner of fun stuff. Thank you so much Mrs. Punches.

Last Day of J.A.

Today was the last day of J.A. We made a pretend sport shop. It was fun. We got a certificate of achievement. Also we got a coupon for $1.00 off for Fun Stuff.

Mrs. Punches was a nice teacher. Junior Achievement was a fun class. I had fun pretending to have jobs and learning about jobs. Today was fun.

Homepage for 5th Grade 2003-2004

January 2004

JA with Mrs. Punches

Yesterday Mrs. Punches came in and we had fun. I like JA because we get to do different activities like one day we got to make pens and we also learned what mass, unit, and batch productions were. Mass production is when you are in charge of one thing and you make an assembly line. Unit production is when you make something all by yourself. Batch production is when you are in charge of two or three things and you make an assembly line. I am glad Mrs. Punches came and I wish she could come again.

One fun thing we got to do when Mrs. Punches came is when we got to make posters. Jeremy, Zach, and Jessie were in my group. Our poster was a card shop, and we got to pretend that we were advertising the card shop. I had a lot of fun with Mrs. Punches.

Thank You Mrs. Punches for coming in and teaching us a lot of stuff. You taught us what Mass, Unit, and Batch productions are and you also gave us a coupon for a $1 off anything at fun stuff. Thank you again Mrs. Punches and I hope you can come again.

Junior Achievement

I really liked J.A. J.A. is Junior Achievement. We did Job’s in J.A. Mrs. Punches teaches J.A. Mrs. Punches class has ended for the year.

I really think J.A. is fun. We got pens from Mrs. Punches. We also got to make the pens. We made the pens in unit production. We also made the pens in mass production.

Thank you for the pens. I had a lot of fun. Thank you for coming.

Looking Back

J.A. was a lot of fun. We made pens in lesson three. We learned there were three types of production and we tried both of them to make our pens. That was interesting.

Today was the last day Mrs. Punches is coming in. It’s hard for me to see Mrs. Punches leave because she was so nice. She gave us a Certificate of Achievement saying we finished the J.A. class. She also gave us a coupon for a dollar off on something from Fun Stuff, her store.

I would like to thank Mrs. Punches for all her work. She has rily been a good teacher.


In J.A. we learned how to run bisnese. We did all sorts of things like people would do at a bisnese.

We got some things that are special. We had fun as Well. Now we are better at a lot of things. Jobs, fixing, spelling, and all sorts of things.


What I learned today is about how to buy the supplies for the store. My group’s poster was about the Calgary flames vs. the Red Wings on Thursday January 15, 2004.

The fun thing I liked about JA. was doing the posters with our groups. What I made was the hockey game on Thursday. A reminder for people to know about it.

Thank you for coming, Mrs. Punches, and using your spare time. I liked it when you came to our Onekama School.


Yesterday, in J.A., we talked about stores, shops, and stuff like that. Everyone had to make a ‘ sport shop/ mall’. The ‘sport mall’ had everything from marbles to kayaks, that have to do with sports. On the third day we made pens.

Junior Achievement with Mrs.Punches

I like JA because one time we got pens. Another time we had to make up our own business and my group had Jared, Michael S., and Bryan in it. Our business was called The Snow Shop. The Snow Shop had skies and ski equipment snowboards and snowboard equipment. By The Snow Shop there is the snow hill that The Snow Shop owns.

The most fun thing we did with Mrs. Punches was the making of the pens. When we where making the pens we found out that it is easier to make pens in unit production than mass production.

Thank you Mrs. Punches for donating your time to teach us about JA. I think we learned a lot after you came those five times.


Today we talked about business. My group had to figure out what we needed for our sport shop. We got an certificate afterwards. I think this was fun to do this in J.A. We also got a certificate for $1.00 off coupon for fun stuff under the tree.

It was nice of Mrs. Punches to take time to do J.A with the fifth grade.

J. A.

We learned a lot with Mrs. Punches the last couple of weeks. We also had fun. We learned the different types of production. We had fun making the posters. We made the posters for a business we were making.

Mrs. Punches is a nice teacher. I wish we still had J. A. Mrs. Punches makes J. A. fun because we get to make a business and lots of other stuff.

Thank you Mrs. Punches for coming in and J. A. was fun.

Junior Achievement

In Junior Achievement we were learning about making a business. In our lessons we learned about the three types of businesses.

The first type is sole proprietorship. That means one person owns the business. The advantage of this is you get all the money the business makes. One bad thing is you also pay all the debts.

The second type of business is partnership. This is two or more people owning a business. The good part is they share share depts and can get breaks. The bad part is they don’t get all the money they make.

The third type of business is corporation. A corporation is many many people working together. There is a bord of directors and a CEO. Normally corporations sell stock. Corporations make lots of money but lots of people work so every one gets some. Mrs. Punches was a good teacher.

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