Today Mrs. Punches came in. She talked to us about applying for jobs. Then she split us up into groups and had teachers interview us. Mrs. Eldridge interviewed our group for working in the school kitchen. I got the job. I was the best person for it although I didn't really want it. ...Nolan

My favorite part was when people were getting interviewed by Mrs. Punches, Miss Bishop and Miss Eldridge. I did not get interviewed, but it was fun watching. ...Michael S.

I learned that each kind of business has disadvantages like sole proprietership you have to pay all the bills. I learned a lot from Junior Achievement. ....Logan

Today I learned about jobs. I filled out an application form. Then our class split up and we did interviews. ...Nathan

Only one person out of our interview group didn't get the job. He didn't get it because he asked for too much money. Other people got the jobs because they had good qualities. Even if they didn't know how to do something, they were wiling to learn.  ...Cameron

We were interviewing for a job in the kitchen. Maeve didn't get the job because she was tardy too much. Chris got in trouble at his last job so he didn't get a job. Shane was rude so he didn't get the job. Nolan thought us Brooks would be good with kids. ...Brooke Ann

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Getting a Job

If you want to work at family video you can't just walk in there and ask for a job. You have to get one of their applications and fill it out. Then if they like what you wrote they will ask you to take an interview. They will be looking at your education, attitude and skills. That will decide if you get a job. ...Ryan

Today Mrs. Punches came in again and taught us how to get a job, or at least how to interview for it. Miss Bishop pretended to be interviewing Mrs. Punches. Mrs. Punches said that she was in several different jobs and only stayed in them for about a week. Also she was chewing gum. And when Miss Bishop asked if she had any experiences on Computers she said that she was VERY good at playing games. She also kept asking how much money she would get. Mrs. Punches put her feet up real high on the bars of the table. She was rude. After it was over she asked us what she did wrong. I didn't think she would get the job. ... Maeve

Today Mrs. Punches was interviewed by Miss Bishop. Mrs. Punches was chewing gum and slouching. I think she should of been sitting up straight and not chewing gum. I am glad we had a second lesson from Mrs. Punches. ...Ashlie

Mrs. Punches was not making a good impression on Miss Bishop. She was chomping on her gum, slouching, and her legs were spread apart really far. She kept asking how much she would be paid and that was not good. ...Taylor

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