During J.A. Mrs. Punches helps us 

learn about sole proprietorships,

partnerships, and corporations.

"In the beginning I was a sole proprietor. But then one of my mechanics went and started a second gas station and we became a partnership. We grew and grew and became a corporation." ...Alan

"For this Economics project I was a highly intelligent cashier. I was hired by Alan Brown, the owner of the first Gas station. This lesson in economics was very enjoyable." ...Duane

"When we started Alan was the boss. The he hired me as a mechanic and later on I became his partner and we had two gas stations." ...Ryan

"Today we did something in  Social Studies that was a game.  We played a gas station game." ...Matt 

"Today Mrs. Punches came in and taught us about businesses. We made a play. I was the Accountant. The Accountant takes care of the money. He has to pass out the pay checks. We had 3 gas stations when I got hired. We had Alan for the first owner. Then he made another business and the second owner was Ryan and the third was Malana. We were in a partnership." ...Chris

"I liked the part where we became a corporation and my job was to be marketing director. I would like to have been a mechanic". ...Michael

"In the play I was an electrician. Our business became a corporation at the end. The teacher, Mrs. Punches, was fun." ...Nolan

"Today Mrs. Punches came to the fifth grade classrooms. We made three businesses which were all gas stations. I was an electrician for gas station number two I liked this activity." ...Ashlie

"I got hired at the third gas station. It was all girls, but we needed Jake for a cashier. I was a mechanic. Malana was our boss at the gas station." ...Ashley

"What we did for S.S. today was fun. What we did was we had a speaker come in. I was an auto mechanic." ....Jessie

"We learned what you had to do in a business and what it was like. I was picked as an electrition. I was supposed to fix electrical stuff. Logan and Nolan were electritians with me. We called our gas station EZ Mart. That's what I was when we did this activity." ...Taylor

JA Day 2

"In the play we had more and more gas stations and we became a corporation. I was on the board of directors."  ...Shane

"I was on the business's board. It was a great corporation." ...Mike

"The board of directors tells the rest of the corporashun what to do and if they agree they will do it." ...Paul

"I was a director in the play. A director doesn't really have to do anything except stand there for the pictures." ...Tim

"Mrs. Punches told us about three kinds of business. She told us how to run a business. Then we ran a business."  ...Jeremy

"Mrs. Punches told us about businesses. She gave us a sticker of a business. My sticker said I was the owner. I had a good time." ...Zach

"Mrs. Punches, the owner of Fun Stuff, came in today. We did a job thing. I was a CEO." ...Jared

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