Jacki had a great Thanksgiving. She had hotdogs and chicken nuggets! They just moved to the country. They have a huge pile of wood in their yard. It took seven truck loads to get it all there. Her mom had a birthday yesterday. For cake they had cheese cake. I enjoyed hearing from Jacki. ...Jared

Today two kindergartners, Zac and Jacki, came to the classroom and we asked them about Thanksgiving and winter. First we asked Zac what he ate for Thanksgiving, and he said he didn't eat turkey. We asked Jacki what she ate. She said, "Chicken nuggets and hotdogs." Then we went back to Zac and asked him what he wears in winter. He said, "Snow pants, coat, gloves, and boots." Next we asked Jacki the same question and she said, "Snow pants, hat gloves, scarf and boots." Zac said he likes to make snowmen. He uses carrots for a nose, sticks for arms and buttons for the eyes. I am glad Jacki and Zac came into the classroom. ...Yumi

Today a kindergartner came into our class. His name was Zac. He was very shy and he would shrug his shoulders a lot. He did not have turkey for Thanksgiving. He didn't remember what he had. Then Mrs. Eldridge asked him what he likes to do in the winter. He said he likes to have snowball fights. He also said he liked to make snowmen. He didn't say much other than that.  ...Logan

(First we Practiced by interviewing each other.)

NOTE: During the next weeks we will be Interviewing kindergarten students. We began by watching the teacher, Mrs. Eldridge, interview some children. Next we will write questions. Finally we will conduct our interviews and write our reports.

Mrs. Eldridge interviewed Courtney and Kyler while we took notes. I took notes for both of them. They both said they went downstate for Thanksgiving. Courtney went to her Aunt Carrie's and Kyler went to his Papa's house. They both ate turkey. Courtney's Aunt has a cat and a dog. Courtney stayed one day and Kyler stayed three days. They both did well being interviewed. ...Ryan

Courtney went down state to her Aunt Carrie's house and ate drumsticks for Thanksgiving. Her Aunt Carrie had a dog and a cat. The dog could go outside but the cat couldn't. Courtney stayed one day. Her class talked about the first Thanksgiving. ...Tommy

Courtney learned to write her name when she was in Young 5's. Thanksgiving week end she went down to her Aunt Carrie's for one day. Courtney also went to her grandma's house on Thanksgiving week end. Courtney said that in her class they learned about the Pilgrims and the Indians and how they got along and had the first Thanksgiving feast. Courtney was nice. ....Lauren

Zac said he went to his mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. He didn't have turkey. Zac and Alex, his brother, had a snowball fight last year. They they built a snowman two feet tall. He said he likes the snow. Zac has a fireplace and uses it for heat. That is what he told us.  ....Jeremy

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