Hard Tack is SOO yummy!

Mr. Goodrich Presents the Civil War to Onekama's Fifth Graders

Tim looks ready for rain.

Michael tries the Civil War Handcuffs to see if he could possibly escape. We don't think so.

Dear Mr. Goodrich,

Thank you for coming in our class and telling us more about the Civil war, and Gettysburg. Your presentations were very interesting and awesome. My favorite part was when you showed us the weapons and the movie. The movie was awesome, and my other favorite part was when you gave us the hard tack. The beef jerky, now that was good.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Mr. Goodrich,

Thank you for coming into our classroom, Mr. Goodrich. I learned a lot about the Civil War from you.

I liked the weapons you brought in. The guns looked special and unique. The explosives and swords were exciting too. The uniforms looked exhilarating. I didn’t know that blue was infantry, red was artillery, and yellow was the Calvary. Everything was exciting and cool.

I enjoyed every item because it was unique and neat in it’s own special way. Also they helped me learn more about the Civil War. Thank you for coming in to tell us about the Civil War.



Dear Mr. Goodrich,

Thank you for coming to our school. It was very interesting. I learn that there was a Spencer gun. I also learned different kinds of swords.

The best part was when you showed the Spencer gun. I liked it because it has my last name. That was the best part of our presentation.

My favorite item was the cannon because it would shoot out chunks of metal. It had a cool bullet. The bullet was heavy. That was my favorite item.



Dear Mr. Goodrich,

I want to thank you for coming into our classroom I learned a lot; I learned that people have to sacrifice their life for others. Also I learned that when you are in the army you don’t eat the stuff that we do.

I liked watching the Civil War movie. It was exciting and colorful. I’m glad it wasn’t as loud on the TV as it was when you were there! It was good of you to let us see it.

My favorite item was the top cap because it was so small.

Thank you again,



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Dear Mr. Goodrich,

Thank you for coming to our class. I learned a lot from the presentation. Before you came I didn’t know anything about the Civil War. One thing I learned is that there were over 500,000 casualties. Another thing I learned is that over 10,000 battles were fought in the civil war. Thank you again for coming to our class.

The thing I liked best about the presentation was the variety of weapons you had. I didn’t know there were that many weapons during the Civil War. The reason I like them is because I’m used to being around guns my whole life. Another reason is because I like how older weapons work. This is why I liked the weapons.

My favorite item was the saber. The other thing I really liked was the backpack. I liked the saber because of how it looked and how it was used. I liked the backpack because of the many uses of it. Those were my two favorite Items of the presentation.



Dear Mr. Goodrich

I thank you for your time to teach us all about the Civil war and for showing us all the things the people used in the Civil war. I learned a lot from your presentation. I liked the items you brought in. I was suprised when you brought in the guns and the other things. I lost my paper that had the things I wrote down on the day you came in.


Dear Mr. Goodrich,

Thank you for taking the time to come in and give your presentation. I learned their food sometimes have worms in it. Also that they put food in coffee to get the worms out of their food.

My favorite part was when you showed us the guns and swords. I liked that, because we got to see the different weapons. We also got to see the ammo. He past some stuff around the classroom.

My favorite items were the handcuffs and the ankle cuffs. They were cool. I like looking at them. I never could find out how to put them together so they would stay.


Brooke Ann