Our Christmas Concert

          On Tuesday we were supposed to have a concert, but our band teacher, Mrs. Smith, got sick so it was cancelled. Our teacher, Mrs. Eldridge, saw that we were disappointed, so she had us play out in the hallways. After awhile we became happy again, so she let us have our happy group play for the amazed little kids. First we went into Mr. Kudlack‚s class to play for those little kids. After that, we went to Mrs. Eichburger's class to play a charming song called „ Good King Wensclesš.

          The flutes played Hot Cross Bunsš, and so did the Saxes. The unique clarinets played „ Jolly old Saint Nicholasš. Then we went back to our classroom to leave.


Winning Concert

          Yesterday my favorite class and the other fifth grade Class were supposedly supposed to have a concert. Then our Band teacher, Mrs. Smith, got sick and the concert was cancelled. That got me mad, very mad. It got me mad because it would have been my first concert. Then again it made me charmingly happy. That made me happy because I like to go to sleep early sometimes.

          Then later that day we did have a concert. We had a wonderful concert. I was amazed that we had a concert. We all walked through the halls playing instruments. A lot of the little kids wanted to be flutes, drums, and trumpets. It made me very happy that the kids got to hear us perform.

Almost Band Concert

          We practiced a lot with Mrs. Smith, but she got sick so the concert was cancelled. I was disappointed. Although we didn't get to play in the huge music concert we still got to play.

          We got to play for the little kids classes. Mr.'s class liked it. He has a really big class. We also played in Mrs. Eichberger's class. I play in the brass section. They are unique instruments. The brass played Good King Wencelas. I am very glad we got to play for the adorable kids since our music concert was cancelled.  

The „Almostš Band Concert

Yesterday our happy class played for the kindergartners and the 1st graders. The charming brass players played Good King Wencelas, the unique clarinets played Jolly Old St.Nicolas, the lovely flutes played Hot Cross Buns and so did the loud saxophones.

          We were supposed to have a concert, but Mrs. Smith was ill. We were supposed to play a lot of songs. We were going to sing one song. 

A Festive Practice

          While we were having a festive practice for the Christmas Band Concert we learned that our director, Mrs. Smith, was sick. It was so terrible when we heard the news. The news of her bad illness was disappointing. We were ready to play in the concert too.

          My instrument is a clarinet. It is a black instrument. I played well, I think.  But to our dismay our teacher Mrs. Smith was ill. Her sickness must have been terrible. She was sick last year this time too. It must be a bad time for colds.  

Band Concert

          Yesterday we had first band concert. The Christmas program last night was cancelled. We came to play at different classes instead. We enjoyed playing at different classes. The classes enjoyed the music piece we selected. We played Good King Wenceslas. That is a charming song. The kids were very friendly.

          When I play the trumpet it feels like an extension of my body. I try to keep my instrument in good condition. The trumpet is a naturally loud instrument. The trumpet is a brass instrument. I enjoy playing the trumpet.

The Concert was Cancelled

I like to play the flute in band class. Sometimes I do not like to play the flute. Sometimes I think it that it is a little easy to play the flute. I think that band is festive.

When we were just getting ready for the band concert when we found out that Mrs. Smith was sick. The reason why I felt bad is because I had to work so hard to get ready. I am happy that we did not have to do any homework though. I feel sad for Mrs. Smith and I hope she is better soon..


Our band concert got canceled because Mrs. Smith got really sick. When the group played it sounded really charming. We would have had the concert Tuesday, but she is sick.

Band is really fun because I like playing the trumpet. I also like band because I like playing new songs. That's why I like band.  

About Band

          I like band because we get to play songs in band like Good King Wencelas, Hot Cross Buns, Jolly old Saint Nicholas, and Au Claire De La Lune.  I also like band because I am a one of a kind.  I play the French horn; in fact I play the same French horn than my dad did when he was in school.  Yesterday was suppose to be the Greatest Christmas Concert ever for me because this was supposed to be the first concert we would get to play our instruments, but the teacher Mrs. Smith was to sick to come to school the day of the concert.  I would be amazing if we ever even have a Christmas concert. 

My instrument is shiny, twisted, and the sound is kind of mellow.  When we play in groups I play with the saxophones, Zach and Travis.  When we play in groups Zach and Travis usually squeak instead of playing the songs.  I hope next year they will get better and not squeak.  

Band is Fun

          I liked practicing for the band concert. Band is like learning a different language. I like band because I like the songs we play. I also like to blow in my cornet. A cornet is a trumpet but only shaped different. That's why I like band.

          We practiced a lot of songs. My favorite song is au clain da lune. We played hot cross buns, country walk, and kings cross. That entire practicing paid off. The only problem is that the concert was canceled because our band teacher got sick.  

December 16, 2003

Our Small Band Concert  

          It was sad when we heard that the program was cancelled. We had not very much time to practice, but we had learned many great songs. Now we have to wait for them to reschedule it.

          It was fun yesterday because Mrs. Eldridge let us play for the little kids. My group got to play for Mr. K's friendly class, Miss Schultz's class, and we got to play for nice Mrs. Coryell. We played Jolly Old St. Nicholas very well.

Almost Concert
Brooke Taylor

          We went and played a song for some classes. I liked when we played for Mr. K. I liked it because they were really cute. We played Jolly Old St. Nicholas. I also liked it because Mr. K was being really nice and telling us how good we were. I was really happy we got to go to Mr. K's classroom and the other classrooms. I thought it was really fun.

          In the classroom we got to play. We got to play songs one group at a time. In the classroom some kids were messing around and playing with their trumpets or sax. We played the hardest song and it was not really that hard and some other groups played hard songs to. Sax and trumpets were the loudest in the classroom because there‚s are bigger. The instruments are really shiny and can be hard to play. I liked playing it was really fun.

Our Mini Concert

          Yesterday at the end of the day we had a mini concert because the real concert was cancelled. Our band teacher, Mrs. Smith, was sick. So we went around the school and played for different classes in the band sections like the sweet clarinets, the loud trumpets, the broad saxophones, and the soft flutes.

I am a skillful clarinetist, as are the rest of my section, and we went first. We went around to different classes and played Jolly Old St. Nicholas that song is my favorite song it is so lovely. We went to Mrs. Schults, Mr. Kudlak, and the 4th grade. All of the little kids were so cute and friendly. They were really nice. It was fun.

Practicing for the band concert

We were about to have our charming band concert, but Mrs. Smith was sick. I hope she feels a lot healthier because I want to have the band concert soon.

I like band because it is festive to learn how to play songs on your instrument. Another why I like band is because I think instruments are really fulfilling. My last reason that I like band is that it is kind of challenging to get the rite notes and the rite sound.

I play the Clarinet. It is very amusing to play it. I know 7 notes on my clarinet. I can play a lot of cool songs my favorite songs are „Jolly old St. Nickš and „ King Wencelasš. Those were the reasons I am so attentive in band.  

Christmas Concert

          Yesterday we went and played a song for the adoring kindergartners, like Mrs. Schult‚s class, and Mr. K.‚s class. The happy song that the pretty clarinets played was Jolly Old St. Nicholas and the charming song that the shiny trumpets (coronets) played was Good King Wenceslas. Then, as we were walking back to the classroom we ran into Mrs. Coryell, then we all played Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

          It was fun, but we were all sad, or most of us were. We were looking forward to the recital that‚s why we played for all those people. In the concert we would have played 5 songs. I was sad, but it‚s o.k.

Christmas Concert
Brooke Ann

          Yesterday our concert was cancelled. So we played for classes one type of instrument group at a time. The flute group played for Mr. K, Mrs. Coryell, and Mrs. Eichberg. At first the little kids were amazed. All of the were like wow look at the big kids play their instrument. Look at the flute players they're flute is long, they said.   

Our warm up concert

Yesterday my whole class played our instruments. The Christmas program was cancelled, because Mrs. Smith, our band teacher, was ill. We played in the hallway, for the fourth grade. All of the Flutes went and played Hot Cross Buns for Mr. Kudlak, Mrs. Eichberger, and Mrs. Coryell. The kids were amazed and friendly. We played a cheerful song for them. My favorite song I played was Hot Cross Buns. We played for each other. We wanted to know how good each of us was. It was really fun!

The almost concert

At the almost concert, the shiny instruments and their charming players did an excellent job. We were going to have a Christmas Concert Tuesday night, but poor Mrs. Smith was sick, so the concert was cancelled.

The lovely songs we were to play were Hot Cross Buns, Au Clair De La Lune, Country Walk, Merrily We Roll Along, and Good King Wencnslas. I think the best song we know is Hot Cross Buns. All I wish is that Mrs. Smith would get better! My favorite instrument is the saxophone because the sound is so sweet and beautiful.

Almost Concert

          Yesterday the concert was canceled.  Mrs. Smith was sick so we couldn‚t play the concert.  The songs we would have played are Hot Cross Buns, Claire De La Lune, Country Walk, Merrily We Roll Along, and Good King Wenceslas. I didn‚t get to play my shiny instrument.

          In my big class we had an almost concert.  We played for nice Mrs. Coryell.  We played Jolly Old St. Nicholas. The loud saxophones didn‚t get to play in any classrooms to play.  Only in the hallway the cool saxophones got to play.

Band Concert

Our band concert was canceled because our band teacher was sick. We rehearsed a lot. I play the tanner saxophone. I like it because it runs in my family. Now I wish that our band were not canceled because of our band teacher benign sick. I wish she wasn't sick. She had pneumonia for a long time last year. I feel sorry for her. Now she has it again, I think. She is really good at piano. My mom loves the saxophone.

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The fifth graders played their instruments for Mrs. Eichberger's first graders.

Christmas Concert

          Yesterday we were supposed to have an exciting Christmas Concert but it was cancelled. Mrs. Smith got very sick and couldn't come. I play percussion. Percussion is all types of drums and bells. It also has symbols and the triangle. Percussion is a very unique instrument and there are many types.

           Instead of the exciting concert we were supposed to do, we went to classrooms and played songs. I went with the loud trumpets and coronets. I had to play on a desk instead o a drum. We went to Mr. K.'s class, and we went to Mrs. Eichberger's class. We played the enchanting song, Good King Wencelas. I had a fun [almost] Christmas Concert. 

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