Third Graders Dissect Fish

It was cool. We took out the hart but it was dead. We saw the bran too. We took out the speen, liver, kidney and we cut the head off. First Mrs. Reckow cut the fish open. Next she had to dig throw it. And then she put the parts in a bag and cut open the kidney. We should cut open a fish next year because it was egikashinol and not fun!!

Third Graders Dissect Fish
by Emily

Last Monday we dissected a fish. First we took the fish out of the frige. It smelled really bad so we had to pull our shirts over our noses. Next Mrs. Reckow cut the fish open and we got to see the organs. I didn't want to see the brain. We saw the heart, liver, kidney, intestines, stomach and (not me) brain. We also saw eggs. That female had a lot of eggs! It was gross when we cut the fish.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

The fish had a lot of eggs. I saw the brain but it was sqwushed. The lung was pretty awesome. The thing that eggs come out of I saw it. I saw the hart. The hart was still moving. People who wanted to touch it culde. I saw the kidney. kidney was really cool. The fish was really big and smelly. First she cut it open. Then she took the eggs out. Next she cut the air pup. Last she cut the head open.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

Mrs. Reckow helped us dissect the salmon. My opinion is that the inside of a salmon is gross. I don't think we should do it again because I almost got sick. I didn't feel good that day.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

First she cut it open and there were a lot of fish eggs. Then she starded to cut more and then there were more eggs. Then she got the hart and then she got that posketey stof. Then she got the liver from the salmon. Then she cut open the kidney. Then she cut open the head and got the brain.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

First what Mrs. Reckow did was put water on the fish. Next she put on some gloves so if the fish had a diseases or something. Next she cut the fish open. Then she puld out the eggs, heart, and lots of other things. Last she put everything into a bag, but each thing had a seprate bag. My opinion was it was gross, but kind-a-interesting. I think we should do it next year because everybody else loved it but I didn't. I learned what parts of a fish look like. I also learned that they lay up to 1,400 eggs or even more sometimes.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

First she cut it open. Next she took out the eggs. Then she got out the guts. After that she cut out the liver. Then the hart. After the hart the brain. Then the lungs. After that we got fill the bone. The hart was small. W had to use a knife. I think we should do this next year.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

Mrs. Reckow came and cut open the fish. She took out the inside and put them in a bag. Then we cut open the kidney. It smelled and it was grows. Mrs. Reckow cut of the head and we got to see the baen. Everybody got to see the inside. We got to see the gills. The gills looked funy. I got to see the mouth open. I think we shoud do it again.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

We shud do it agen becus we lernt wot the insid a fish lok like. she sud do it agen becus we lernt stuff.

Third Graders Dissect Fish

The frist thing that Mrs. Reckow did was that she cut the fish open. Then she started to look around in the fish. Next she took out the eggs and there were a lot of eggs. Then she cut the cinye open. I said Yuck and some other kids said it was cool. I was very glad that she put that icky gouye stuff in a bag. That fish was shor smelly. After that we pased the bags around the table. Next she cut off the head and that was grous. Danial was pocking the eye so it would go in th head. I don't think we should do it next year because the room stugke and everybody was groused out when we dissected the fish.

Here are the fish eggs in our classroom tank.


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  1. Write 10 sentences about the fish dissection.
  2. Sequence the events.
  3. Include your opinion

Third Graders Dissect Fish

Mrs. Reckow cut the bottom of the fish opin. Than she got all the eggs out. Than she cleaned it out. Than she cut the head off. Shan she cut the fish's top head opon. Than she cut the liver out. Than she cut the heart out. Than she put the parts in a bag. Then we cleaned up the fish.

October 20, 2003

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