Onekama's Third Graders Visit the Weir

October 14, 2003

There was a girl talking about baby fish. Then we went in side. We went in groups to see stuff. There was a part were they cut them open. Then you could see the liver and heart. When they took the heart out it was still pumping. There was another section that they put a needle in the female and the eggs swerted out of it. Then we went outside and saw salmon in these little water things. There was like 50 in each one. Then we brang some on the bus to the classroom and poured them in a big fish tank. We also brought a salmon the Mrs. Sanderson's class. ...Quinn

The BKD was the bacteria Kidney disease. Some salmon get this disease. The biologist talked about what we were going to do. The heart of the salmon was slimy and wet and it was pumping.

The females can have 5,000 eggs. The females die when they have eggs. The males use their curved up beak to fight. The jaw was curved up too. The salmon have gills tobreath not lungs. ...Jacob

The biologist taking to us. We went to get are salmon eggs. I seen the liver and the hart pumping. I seen the peple blow the eggs out of the salmon. I seen lots of salmon in the tanks. I seen the peeple hit the salmon. ...Josh

The heart is quiet and smooth. They cut the fish. The blud cam out of the fish. The fish was jumping. ...Hunter

Someone told us about fish. She was a biollagist. They shoed us the hart. They shoed us the liver. They shoed us the bladderbubble. They shoed us baby fish eggs. The salmon tried to jump over the gate. They were going up a latter. ..Chris

Lots of fish were in outdoor tanks. The biologist taught us stuff we did not now. The male were about to die. We saw a heart of a samon. The heart felt gusy. We tuck back samon eggs. We saw a bad kidny and a good one. The samons noses looked werd. The eggs were a size of a pea and orange. ...Sarah

The biologist was sowing me eggs. I really like salmon eggs. The old salmon hade white on ther bodies. The fish had lots of eggs. We are rasing salmon in our class we pot them in a tank. ...Austin

The best part was when the peopel hit them on the head. I liernd the BKD. The eggs look like littel basket balls. We put the eggs in the cuaryom. There was three hundred we got. The eggs were small. ..Daniel

Today we went to the Manistee River Weir. When we got there a lady named Sally told us all about fish. Then we got to go inside. Inside we saw where they collected the eggs and where they took the BKD. Next we went outside. They had tanks there. They were filled with fish! If you looked all of the fish they looked like a bunch of minicher sharks! Then we went to a lader. We came back and washt our hands. Then we went to the bus and ate our lunch. Mrs. Cateness went to get our eggs. We came back to school after that. ...Kaylan

When we went to the weir we saw lots of fish. When we saw thouwsinds of eggs. Me and Quinn got to thutch the heart. We got to see the chinook wich is the king salmon it is one of the bigist fish. The man that was a biologist he showd us the inside of a fish. The man showd us a thing that made it flowt. Thar was a girl that smasht the heads of the fish with a hamer. That was very cool. ...Brandon


Today we went to the weir it was fun. We got salmon eggs. If they are alive they are orange. If they are dead they are white. I got to hold an egg. It was soft. The place that we went to was called a hatchery. We saw males that were about to die. The females lay the eggs. The males fertalize them. I got to touch the heart. It is slimey. It felt like the fish that it came out of. There is a diseise called BKD. Humans can not catch it luckily. I saw a bad fish liver and a good fish liver. The bad fish liver is ugly and gross. The good fish liver is blue and not gross or ugly. ....Annie

We went to the weir to get our salmin eggs! When we ferst got there we lisened to a biologist. We looked at diferint tipe of samn. We saw the parts of a samines boty. We saw a lot of samin eggs. ...Joe

The first thing I did was listen to a bioligist tell us about the samon. I got to see how they took the eggs out of the female samon. I got to see how the male fertalize the eggs. The samon eggs were about the size of a pea. The male had a cerved shaped mouth. ...Miranda

We went to the weir to get salmon eggs. When we got there a biologist talked to us about salmon. Then we saw in side and saw 2 biologist geting the eggs out of female salmon. I got to hold some salmon eggs. It was fun there. I wish we could go to the weir again. Know we have about two hundred eggs in our classroom. When the salmon grow up we will lite them go back to their home. ...Emily

Wen the man cut the hart out the fish was stil moving and it had a wihet thing. We got fish eggs. When we got them we put them in a pot. Then we put them in our fish tank. ...Jorge

Today is the 14 of October. We went to the weir to get salman eggs. They are orange, tiny, and round. Once we got there we met Sally. Sally is a biologist. She told us some fish have the bacterial kidney disease. After we went in we saw big salman. They were cool. We got to see the inside of a salmon, the heart was still moving even thow it was out of the body. When we took the eggs back to the class room we dumped them in to a a big tank. ...Elizabeth

When we got there the biologist told us that some saman had bacterial kidey disease. This man shold us the difrise from the good kidey and the bad kidney. There were big tankes with big fish. Then we got on the bus to eat lunch. Then we came back to school ...John

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We brought a big fish back to school. We dissected it to see what it was like inside.

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