Onekama's Third Graders are Teaching the Class!

January 2004

<--- Josh demonstrates how to make an egg sandwich for the class.

Joshua answers the question, "How do you make an egg sandwich?" He writes: "First you crack the eggs and then you stir the eggs in the pan. Then you cook them and then scramble them. Then you put the scrambled eggs on the two pieces of bread and then you put mayo on it and then eat the egg sandwich."

Daniel demonstrated "How to do my Magic Trick". He wrote, "First I need some cards and a person. Then theyu pick a card and don't show me what you got. When they now it they give me the card without showing it to me. Then I gess what card they got they they say Yes or No."

Joe explains his Card Trick to the class. He writes,

  1. "Take all Q, K, A, and J.
  2. Lay all 4 Q on the table.
  3. Lay all 4 J on top of the Q.
  4. Lay all 4 K on top on the Q and J.
  5. Lay all 4 A on top of the Q, J, K.
  6. Then you pick up all 4 piles of cards.
  7. Tern over and cut in haf.
  8. Lay all of the card on the tabal one by one. "

Mrs. Catanese 03-04 

Josh even demonstrated how to eat an egg sandwich.

Here John demonstrates "How to Shoot Marbles". He writes, "My demonstration is how to play Shooting marbles. Shooting marbles is an inside or outside game. What you will need is 14 marbles and a string or a piece of sidewalk chalk. With the string or chalk draw or make a circle. Inside the circle line up seven marbles, line up seven more crossways to the first seven. Stand behind th circle and the first player will shoot the marbles into the circle. The object is to be the first player to shoot seven marbles outside of the circle."

This looks like a bread baking demonstration.

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