Our salmon are looking healthy and swimming all over the place.
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Before they were just eggs. Now they are swimming and bigger. I think they are about 4 months old. They are a lot different when they hatched. Because before they had lunch sacks and now they have to be fed. ...Quinn

Changing Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs are orange when they are alive. They are white when their dead. Our salmon eggs have eyes and vains. Our eggs will hatch in 10 days. We only lost like 40 eggs. The eggs need to be in 50 degrees F. water. We have 260 left I think. 

This is a picture of the salmon just after they hatched December 1, 2003. They rest on the bottom for several weeks before swimming up. -->

Salmon Eggs

We have salmon eggs in our room. The salmon eggs have little black dots. They will hatch November 23. That is 4 days before Thanksgiving when we come back in December. I think 8 died. I do not know how many will live.

Important Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs are important. They are different now. You could see there eyes. Lots of them died. They are very tiny. Also they mite hatch ontille 10 days. The inquareum is huge. They would hatch in a couple of days.

Raising Salmon Eggs

In my classroom we are raising salmon eggs. When we got the salmon eggs they where orange. Now they are orange and you can see there heads. We are going to raise the salmon till there fingerlings. I think the eggs will hatch November 29. There are still about 100 eggs left. We have removed 35 eggs.

Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs are orange. If there white there not good. The eggs have black dots. That means the baby salmon eyes are growing. In 55 days the baby salmon will go out of the eggs and they will swim. We have a lot of eggs. I can't count them all.

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Mrs. Catanese 03-04

Salmon Teach Responsibility

The salmon are about 1 and a half inches long. We called one of them crook because its head is not strate. The salmon look a little different because they had a lunch sack. I think the salmon is a great way to learn responsibility. That is what our salmon are like.

Speedy is Fastest Salmon

First the salmon looked like fish with stripes. Second the salmon looked like fish with lunch bags on them. The salmon are gray. They swim a lot. One is named speedy. Speedy's my favorite one. Speedy is really fast. Speedy's the fastest fish.

Describing Salmon

The salmon are green with little strips on their backs. I think they are a half a inch long. I think they weigh 2 grams. They are different from when they first hacht because they don't have egg sacks any more. They are a fry. I think 50 of them died. We are keeping them until they are fingerlings.

Changing Salmon

They are very different from when they first hatched. When they first hatched they were orange and white. They had a bigger egg sac. Now they are frys. Frys are green with black strips. At the next step we will let them go. They are about one inch.

Student Observations: December 2003 & January 2004