We cleaned up the beach!

On Thursday, Sept. 18 we went to the Arcadia beach. We went to do the beach sweep. We did it for our community. I helped picking up the trash. We did it so we would help the community.
I help the common good and it means voluntering. And the trash ways 58.5 lbs. I picked up trash and did the clip boarad. I wrote stuff down that people picked up.
...by Sarah

We cleaned Arcadia beach for the common good. Common good is when people help communities. My job is to cary the trash bags. My job is to tally the sheet. My job is to clean up the trash. I cleaned the beach without anyone asking. I clean the beach for the community. I did it because I like to help. And I do it without anyone asking. ... Brandon

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FCA Topic: Beach Sweep
  • Use 7 or more complete sentences. 25 points
  • Tell why the beach sweep is for the common good. 25 points
  • Explain what your job was. 50 points

Thursday Septerber 18 the 3rd grade classes did a beach sweep. We found lots of werad stuff. We did it for the common good. Common good means a volenteer. I was a volenteer. 4 moms went with us. There were 3 jobs. I was 2 of them. The three jobs were pick up trash, tally sheets, and holding the trash bag. I helped because some animals and people don't like dirty beaches. Animals and people get hurt by the garbege on the beach. Some animals get tangled in the trash that is on the beach. Like deer drink water from the lake. They could be ole in the water if people don't clean it up those are some good reasons to clean the beach up. Every year the 3rd grade cleans up the Arkadia beach. It is really fun. ...by Elizabeth

On Thursday we went to the Arcadia beach. We went Thursday Sept. 18, 2003. We cleaned the beach. We cleaned it for the animals and the people who go to the beach. That means we did it for the common good. My job was picking up garbage. The heaviest thing was a tire. We had to pull it a long way. Joe helped me.
...by Josh

On Thursday Sept. 18, 2003 third grade classes cleaned the Beach. My job is to pick up garnae. I found tires. We find pipes. We did it for the community. ...by Hunter

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