Our Classroom

Our Room

It was a nice picher. There are 6 boys in the class. There are 7 gruls in the class. We all like the picher. We war rating wen the picher was tocin. It was fun riting about the picture.

Our Class

We have 15 people in our class. We have nine girls and six boys. We do activis. I have two best frenids they are emily and emely. Our class is very big. The most greatest thing in our class is our rat. Her name is Tinkerbell.

Our Class

Our class has 9 girls and 6 boys. There is only 3 more girls then boys. I have a lot of friends in this class. They are also friends with me too. Sometimes our class works in a group. Our teacher is nice.

Mrs. Sandersonís Class

We are in Mrs. Sanderson three grade class. We have 15 classmaets. I love Mrs. Sandrson. She is the Best! You are the best Mrs. Sanderson. Mrs. Sanderson is the Qyean. Youíre the best!

My Class

This is my class. We have 15 kids in all. Thar all nice but thar are a lot of tattle tails. The most interesing is our class pet, Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell has a runing wheel. It is funy wen she runs. Her tail follows behind.

Our Class

Our Class has 15 kids. We have a big classroom. My teachers name is Mrs. S. The class has a pet rat. It has maps and glowbes. There are a blot of rats. Are class is so big and wide

My Class

We wher doing a test it was on the overhead. We wher working hard. We wrent panatcin to you because we wher doing our work. Not one of use was looking at Mrs. Sanderson.

Our Class

Our class has nine girls and six boys. There are fifteen all together. We work really hard. Sometimes our class does not agree with each other The hole class can get along with each other most of the time. All the girls and boys do get along!

Our Class
Britany, age 8

Our class a hard-working group of kids. My teacher is nice and pretty. They are nice and so is our teacher. We have a rat. Her name is Tinkerbell.

Our Class

Our class has 6 boy and 8 girls. In our class theres 14 kids. There is a rat in the class. We are a good class. We are reading Mr. Popperís Penguins. Pepole in our class has papers on the wall of fame. The class has lots of very good books. We have a very very nice class.

My Teacher

My teacher's name is Mrs. Sanderson. She is a nice teacher. She gives her students prizes a lot. I think she's my favorite teacher. She has a pet rat. Her name is Tinkerbell. I like her class because she is fair, gives extra recess, helps us, and a lot of other stuff. She gives us sheets for reading and when we read ten books we get a small prize. She gives us schedules with mistakes and we find them . And her third grade rocks.

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