Thank You Letters to the Fish Hatchery


<- Actual student letters have drawings as headings

Thank you Fish Hatchery. We learned the stages of a fish they are: eggs, alevin, fry fingerling, smolt, adult and spawner. The fish eggs are going to hatch on November 23. The fish you gave us is going to get cut. Thank you for letting us go there. I had fun!

Thank you for giving us the eggs. I like it when you stab the fish and all of the eggs fall out. You are a creat cupeny.

Thank you Sally we rally ingoyed it. I ingoed watcing you cut the fish opin. I liked the fish. I liked the heart. It was cool. You explaned it good. I want to come agen.

Thank you for the salmon. We are going to dissectt the fish today. Also I was very happy when Salley let us see the heart. It was totlley awsam when I saw the eggs come out of the female. When I saw them pepole beat the salmon on the head to kill them.

We are going to dissect the fish today. Thank you again.
Yours truly,

Thank you for letting us come to the fish hatchery. I had lot of fun. I thought it was interesting seeing the salmon jumping up trying to get past the wall. You guys are nice people.
Your friend Jessa

Thank you for leting us come to the hachery. It was fun to go. We all like to go to the hachery. We lernd a lot of stof at the hachery. We lernd how to get effs from a fish. We lernd how to cut opin a fish.

Thank you for the stickers. I thought that it was cool. We learnded the Salmon cycle. eggs, alevin, fry, fingerling, shott, adult, spawner.

Thank you for letting us get eggs from your hatcachery. It was interesting when the eggs came out of the female. I rember that the fish that can't have eggs yet are called green. It was totally awsome. I saw a lot of cool things.

Thank youfor letting us come it was fun. It was cool to watch you cut up the fish. I learned a lot.

Thank you for letting us come to the fish hatchery. It was every interesting when I saw the fish get cut open. I saw the heart moving. Sally explained what we were going to do.

Thank you for letting us come to the fish hatcherry. I liked to see the eggs come out. It was interesting. We liked the parrmarks. It was a lot of fun!

Thank you for letting us coming. Thank you for showing me how to make eggs. I thought the salmon was really neat to see. I remeber the stages of the salmon, eggs, alvin, fry, fingerling, smolt, adult, spawner.

Thank you for letting us see the salmon hart. It was cool when the eggs went flying out of the salmon. That was a lot of salmon you had in the stream. There was a lot of salmon jumping up in the air. There was a lot of salmon you caught.

October 20, 2003

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