In Our Room
(and just outside)

January & February, 2004

Valentine's Day in Our Room


This is what we did for Valentine's Day. Emily, Moriah, and I worked hard and put together a exciting and wonderful scavenger hunt. We hid stuff in very good places. I was so supprised on how exciting it was. If you want excitement you should come to Mrs. Sanderson's class. It's very exciting. My favorite part was the scavenger hunt and being in the Rat Lagoon.

The Macintosh Computer Lab is right next to our room.

Valentine's Day in my World

Emily, Jessa, and I made a math scavenger hunt for Valentines Day. We made up clues and put them in the art room, music room Mrs. Catense's class, Mrs Sanders class, and the library. When they found each clue they would get a prize. When every one got back to the class you would get asked a problem. When you got the problem right you would get a big prize. It was very educational.

Standing just outside our window, .... is measuring the snow depth.

Mrs. Sanderson's Third Grade Rats!


Mrs Sanderson third grad rats on Valentine day did everything We did cros words, whereswazzy, find the words, and a treser hut! It was all fun. We even got snacks froma bafay. I had the gratest day in Mrs. Sanderson room!

Valtines in our Class


On Valtines day we got to do a lot of drawling and a lot of playing games. We got to find prices and got to smash open a pinyata.

Our Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's day was a no fun day we did all sorts of learning operntunies. We did centers too and we had a scavenger hunt. We had a buffet in the morning and a snacking one and we had lunch. We ate all day.

My teacher is funny. She says "If you're having fun you're not learning. We have fun anyway and learn.

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