Everyone Loves a Snowy Day on the School Hill

February 11, 2004

(text was written after visiting Crystal Mountain on Good Behavior Day.)

Ski Day

Ski day is a very special day where we go skiing and the people who cannot go are the people who had R.T.C. more than twice. You do not have to go but we must thank the P.T.O. for paying for it. Then when we get to ski antil its time to go. We do this once a year were we have good behavior. That's what Good Behavior Ski Day is.

Dear PTO
I had a gret time at the Cristal Mountin. I like to ski on blue squaer. I like the log too. Thanks. It was asom. I loved the cristyl Cliper. It was my favrite hill. Thank you. You’re the best.

Dear PTO,
Thank you for getting the money for our Good Behavior Ski Day! It was a really good day. My mom came with . My brother Thomas is six grade so he could not come. I had a lot of fun that day. I wish that we had two Good Behavior Ski Days in one year. I really thank you for the money. Thanks.

Dear PTO,
Thank you for helping us get the money for Good Behavior Ski Day. We couldn't have done it without you. We would'd of had a hard time by ourself's. Well Thank's again.
Austin G.

Dear PTO,
Thank you PTO for letting us come to Good Behavior Ski Day. It was great that you let us ski for 4 hurs. It was great that you didn't let us go on Black Dimounds because someone would get hurt bad. Also thank you for letting us go on all of the chair lifts. Crystal Mountain is the best.


Dear PTO
Thank you for helping us get the money to go to Good Behavior Ski Day. We had a good day at Christal Mountain sking for 4 hours!
Jacob. F

Dear. PTO
Thank you pto for paying for are ski day. Every budey likes it. You are the best pto! I'm glad you have fun razers.
Thank you!

Dear PTO,
Thank you for paying for us to go to Ski Day. It was nice that you let us ski for four hours. I went on the Crystal Clipper. I like the chair lifts. We could not go on Black Diamend because some of us could get hurt. It was my third time.

Dear PTO,
Thank you for helping pay for good behave ski day! It takes a lot of money to pay for a whole school to go sking for five hours. I realy had a good time. I think every one had a good time.

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