Is Everybody Ready?

We are practicing for the Christmas Program. We wrote our parts and memorized what we had to say. 

"I am Ratyce Ratcow my real name is Bryce. My part was Papa. I had to lay in a fake bed with Brittany and I had to spring from a pretend bed to look out a fake window. All of the boys had to sing one song. Also I had to tuck Emily in bed.
I know we did a very good job. Nobody was showing off. I did a very good job. We sang very well. My dad loved it a lot. Mrs. Sanderson is the best." ...Bryce

"I was Ratob Ratales-Ratian and my part was Ratty Claus. I thought it was funny because the fireplace fell down. It was real fun and every body laughed.
My mom thought that it was enprssing and it was good. My mom also thought that a husbend with stinky feet was funny." ...Jacob

"I was the ratty and my name was Ratsin Rattner and my part was Ratty. I thought that it was funny. I think that we did a very good job. At the program last night when Jacob jump over Austin the fireplace fell down. The resean I thought the play was funny was because the fireplace fell down. I hope everybody that was ther really like the show we did at the play.
My parents thought it was funny anc cute. They thought it wasnt going to be good becaus we didnt get a lot of practice." ...Austin

Photographs from our Program

December 15, 2003

Now let's see, where is that speech you wrote, Ratiah?

"I'm Ratiah Millrat and I wrote CHRISTMAS EVE.
On Christmas eve we dicrat the tree. We put out the milk and cokies and sometimes even cheese. Then we always open one prezent. Then we go to bed and wait for Santa to come. So we can see" 

"My name for the play was Derat Ratbart. My faviort part was What are Parints want for CHRISTMAS. I thout I did a pretty good job. We had about 20 people thare. Rebaca was the best. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a good night. I was the Ratdeer. Jacob was Santa. Bryce was Papa. Birttney was the Mama. I thout the play ws great. I waws nervous. We are the best." ....Derek

"My name was Emaratalee. I was the child in the play. I liked the play because it was fun playing the child. I think Mrs. S did a lot of stuf and I thank she is nice. I liked the raindeer the most.
My parents loved it a lot. They thought thet we did good. We had cokes and punch after we put everything away. We shud do it next year too." ...Emalee

Mrs. Sanderson is a great director. Soon we will all be in our places with sunshiny faces. 
In the afternoon we had a dress rehearsal practice with the other third grade as our audience.

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