Here we are in front of a live audience!
Don't we look Great!

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Photographs from our Practice

50 Presents
Ratelly Ratkoon & Ratily Ratyard

Ratty Claws, Ratty Claws,
Please listen to me,
Would you leave me 50 presents,
Under the Christmas Tree?

I hope you, Ratty Claws,
Don't think I'm greedy,
You see, I'll give 40 away,
and leave just 10 for me!
Thank you.

What I think Christmas is all About
by Ratelia Ratiecik

It is Jesus' birthday. Mary gave birth to Jesus. People came to visit on that Christmas, and people come to visit now. We go caroling, give present, and get treats, because it is Jesus' birthday.
Thank you.

Christmas Comes But Once A Year
Ratecca Cunningrat & Ratessa Rattier

Christmas comes but once a year,
So, enjoy it while its here.
Presents, family, dinner too,
Snowmen, Snowfights, lots of fun,
We like cookies, yum, yum, yum
Playing, eating caroling, skiing,
Tinsel on the tree,
Spaceship ornaments, candy canes,
One star for the top,
Christmas comes but once a year,
So let's enjoy it while its here!

North Pole
Ratyce Ratcow & Ratob Ratteles

It is snowy and it is blowy,
There is a lot of ice,
There is no mice.
It is very cold,
You can't blow.
The water is very high,
as high as the sky.

Christmas Cheer
Ratker Ratberger

Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer is here!
So, Hang your stockings,
And get to bed,
For Santa to come near!
He'll park his sleigh,
On Christmas day,
While all the dogs,
Bark Away!
'Cause Christmas time is here!

Rebecca's Tongue Twister "Sips"

Santa Sips Saturday's Soup

Photographs on this page were taken by Paul, Rebecca's brother.

It isn't as easy when you have to remember your lines in front of mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and cousin Jim and Aunt Bonnie!

But we pulled it all together right down to the final song.