The Arcadia Beach Cleaning

I like to clean the beach. It was exciting to clean the beach. I want to do it next year. It was very fun and it was very hot. We found a lot of stuff. I liked cleaning the rocks. Kelly

I had a good time. Brittany found a balloon with a note on it. We climed the dune. Becky and I ran down. I found a lot of trash. ...By Moriah

We did a good job. We did our best. I thought it was hard to find the stuff. Austin

We found mostly plastic. Brittney found somebody's underwear. I liked when we climbed up the dune. ... by Derek

I think it was fun using the clipboard except people came to me and said "Jessa I have this. Jessa I have that." and ran off. Most stuff I didn't get on the list because of that. But it was fun otherwise. ...By Jessa G.

I found 2 tires, lots of metal odds and ends, and some dirty underware,. We also found 5 shotgun shells. They were right on the beach. I had a fun time. Afterwards we got our feet wet. Emily

I liked cleaning the beach. My favorite part was when Brittny found the black balloon with the card. I liked running down the sand dune. It was very hot on the sand. I went to Arcadia beach. Rebecca

I had a good time cleaning trash from Arcadia Beach. There were big waves. It washed up a lot of trash. I had a fun day picking up trash. Bryce

I liked when I found a balloon that had a card on it. It had a story on the back of it. Someone sent it and I found it. I also found underwear on a dune. ...Brittany

  • We will be estimating the trash collected
  • The trash will be weighed
  • Estimatations will be compared to actual weight
  • Different types of garbage will be tallied

Mrs. Catanese's Crew

Arcadia Beach September 2003

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