Second Grade Nature Spies learned that objects appear different when viewed from near and when viewed from far away.

When I looked at the flowers from far away I could not see much. When I got closer I could see a lot. I obserbed lots of flowers. ...Logan

I was in the korte yard and I dyskribd things. wen I was far away I ckood not see it vary good wen I went closer it was bigger. ...Josh

I was far away from the bird bath I codent see the desins on the botum of the bird bath but when I got clos I cod see the desins. I cod see a lefe and flowers. And the top to. ...Alexc

When you look at things far away you don't see much. When you look close at things you notice details, sometimes even paterns. I went outside and started drawing a door. From far away it didn't look like much. When I got up close I noticed a thermomater and other details. ...Ismael

Wen I look at things up close I see more detols. Wen I look not clos I didn't see the detals. I lookt at the brd baf. ...Nick

I drew a bird feeder. When it's far away it looks really small. And when it's close up it looks bigger. ...Sam B.

When I look at things far away you cant see throo it. When you look up close you can see throo it. I saw cone flowrs. ...Mitchel

I drew a picture of flowers up close they were easy to draw. When I drew them from far away it was hard to see the flowers. ...Austin

I droo a bush. Wen I looked at it from far awae I cold not see vary mane detals but wan I looked at it from up clos I cold see the detals like the spiter on the board. ...Claire

When I looked at the bird feeder far away it didin't have as much details but when I look up close it had lots of details. ...Lauren

I skeched plants from far away and up close. The plants I skeched were differint. From far away it was hared to see but up close it was easy. ...David

When you look at things close you can see beter. I know that because we whent in the cort yared. I drew littel flowers. ...Nisha

Wot hapins if you look at things close. Wot hapins if you look at things far away. I drew a brdfedr and part of the school and the plant with the wod. We were in the garden to draw it. Thar was brd feters. And brd baths. I think I did a good job. Won brde fedr was a strabare. Won was made of a can. Tomnike made the can. ...Sierra

I saw a big diffrence like when I draw the bird bath far away it seemed diffrnt because it was hard to see the details. Up close I saw all the details. I picked a bird bath for my picther a gray bird bath for my picther. ...Haley

October 2003

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