Reading Buddies Picnic

June 4, 2004

When we got there we ate. I had ice cream. We did the dance Cotton Eye Joe. Then I played kick the ball. All the boys took off their shirts. ... Amy, grade 3

Devin's rabbit, Fuzzy, came to visit.

Picnic time is time for friends.

The Reading Buddies Picnic was fun. We picked up shells and rocks out of the sand. We also listened to music. And all of us had ice cream at the Boat Launch. ...Emalee, grade 3

I didn't get to go to the Buddies Beach because I had chicken pox. I missed three days of school. I was sick for 5 days.It was not much fun staying home.
... Moriah, grade 3

The Buddy Beach Party was fun. We got to play kickball. Jacob and I played football. I got to play with Hunter. Some people went over to the Fun Stuff store. ... Austin, grade 3

We went to the buddy party. I met Emily's puppy Ela. She's so cute. We did a dance called Cotton Eye Joe. It was fun. I collected glass and now I'm mixing it up. I also collected shells for Emalee's brother. Beach Buddies was exciting. ...Jessa, grade 3

At Buddy Beach Day I had fun, but do not tell Mrs. Sanderson that. When we were there my class did Cotton Eye Joe. Emily and I missed Cotton Eye Joe. I got ice cream with Emily and Emily. I had a really good time. ...Kelly, grade 3

The beach shore was the favorite spot for most students. They enjoyed finding treasures and creating kingdoms. ...Mrs. Niederstadt