We Chose Our Favorite Books by Voting!

Amy, a Third Grader, said, "I like that we get to vote every year."

Third Grader Jessa added, "We get to express our own opinions."

"We went in the voting booth. We were free to pick our own book. Nobody could make us choose," said Kelly, a Third Grader.

Emily B., Third Grader, agreed, "I think the voting booth is a good way to do it because you didn't get to see anyone's votes until we were all done."

I had to register to vote. I went in the voting booth. I got our of the booth and took the ballot to the ballot box. We ate cookies and drank lemonade. I voted for Togo. We had to wait for a while. Togo won 44 points. ...Josh, grade 3

Before I voted they had to know my name. Then we voted for our books. Next we would put them in a box. Also then we found a seat. Next we ate a cookie. Then a fifth grader had to know why you like your books. Finally we saw who won. ...Daniel, grade 3

First we lined up and told them our names. Then we started voting. I was the 4th child. I voted for the Togo book. Then we went to our table to have a snack and drink. I got a book mark too. Then the book Togo won. I thout the voting was fun because the book I voted for won. ....Emily, grade 3

Before I voted I had to get my name signed on a piece of paper. After I was done voting I put my ballot in the voting box. I thought the voting was fun. I knew the book I voted for would win and it did win. I liked the book I voted for because of the illustrations. The illustrations are made out of paint. The book was Togo. ...Miranda, third grade

It was fun voting for books. We had to tell our names to teachers. Then you go up into a booth. Then you pick whatever vote you want. Next you take the peace of paper and fold it. Then you put it in  a box. Most people voted for Togo.  ...Quinn, Third Grader

When I voted for Togo I was nervos. I thought Togo was going to lose. I put my ballot into the ballot box. I was really nervous whhen Mrs. Harocavina called out the books and said how many votes the books got. When it was down to the final two everybody who voted for Togo started yelling "Togo, Togo!" In the end Togo won. ...Annie, third grade

The crowd went wild when Mrs. Hrachovina announced the winning books. We have Mrs. Hrachovina to thank for organizing the event. She said, "Students were very enthusiastic. I sure liked the clapping and cheers for the winners at both levels ... worthy of a presidential election, I guess."
"I liked reading all the books. I chose Togo," said Moriah, a Third Grader

I was the third one to vote. I voted for Togo. I thote that Book would win. Then they sed the books and I was rite. I like the book I chose because it was a good book. ...Brandon, grade 3

It was fun voting. Before I voted I was thinking what book was best. I voted for Togo because Togo was a famous dog. The book Togo had Balto in it. ...Jacob, third grade

Voting made me feel nervis. Togo won. That made me feel good. ...Logan, second grade

Voting made me feel good. When you vot you haft to think about what you are voting for. I like voting because you get to pik what you want.  ...Natasha, second grade

Voting is cool. You hide to vote. I like voting. ...Josh, second grade

People apreshated me and it made me feel happy. Voting is the best thing I ever did because once you pick up the pack of paper it feels good. ...Nisha, second grade

Voting was hard because there were so many good books. I was glad my book won. ...Claire, second grade

Voting is fun. Voting is when you choose something. Today I votid on togo. ...Alex, second grade

Voting is cool. I was trying to fing Spitr and the Fly. It made me feel like I had to chos the best book. ...Sierra, second grade

Voting made me feel good insid. My favoret book won. Voding is fun. ...Mikalle, second grade

Voting was fun because people got to vote for their favorite book. I voted for togo because it was based on a true story. My book had 44 votes and won. ...Haley, second grade

Counting the ballots are Paul, Mrs. Hrachovina, Mrs. Zajac and Mrs. Cook.

Onekama Elementary January 2004